St. Benedict Exorcism Medal Bracelet

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Discount for multiples.

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The purpose of using the St Benedict medal is to call down God’s blessing and protection upon us.

My friend Karen and her husband Tom came up to visit us from Florida in July.  She presented me with a gift that touched me very deeply.  It was a St. Benedict Bracelet (very similar to this one.).

St. Benedict is the patron saint of our family and is also the middle name of our youngest of 13 children. 

The St. Benedict medal is one of the Catholic Church's most powerful symbols and we have them all over our home (and even in our foundation).  Thanks to my friend, I now even wear them and want others to wear this medal, as well.

Please, consider wearing this ancient and powerful symbol to help protect your soul from the evil one who tempts us at every turn! 

When I look at my bracelet, I remember that I have a mission here on earth that I must complete and that I NEED the SPECIAL PROTECTION to complete it!  St. Benedict protect us and intercede for us!

Your bracelet has 10 Benedictine Medals  is adjustable so it can fit just about anyone and will be anointed with exorcism oil and will come packaged with a St. Benedict Holy Card.