Sanctum Chrisma-The Smell of Catholicism


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Sanctum Chrisma

I call it "The Smell of Catholicism".

Inspired by the heavenly scent of my 13 babies and 5 grands, after they were freshly baptized.  

I remember saying that I wish I could bottle that smell, I finally did!

It's a blend that we learned about from monks who make it.

I soak a cotton ball in it and keep one on my desk (set it on something so it doesn't mess up your furniture)

I keep a few soaked cotton balls in dresser drawers (in muslin bags)

..and yes, I have been known to put it on the back of my hands while I work (chills me out..very calming). 

You can also bless your children with it, before bed.  It may be hard to resist sniffing them though :)

Because we use 100% Olive Oil as a carrier oil, it is safe to apply directly.

If you love the smell of a freshly baptized baby, we have you covered!