Miraculous Chimayo Sand

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In need of a miracle? Read this!

Sometime around 1810, a Chimayo friar was performing penances when he saw a light bursting from a hillside.

Digging, he found a crucifix, the miraculous crucifix of Our Lord of Esquipulas. A local priest brought the crucifix to Santa Cruz, but three times it disappeared and was later found back in its hole. By the third time, everyone understood that El Senor de Esquipulas wanted to remain in Chimayo, and so a small chapel was built on the site.

Then, the miraculous healings began. These miracles grew so numerous that the chapel had to be replaced by a larger one!

El Santuario de Chimayo is now known as the “Lourdes of America.” because of the numerous miracles.

The Prayer Room, which is located in the sacristy of the church (next to the pit), is filled with discarded crutches, braces, etc.

The crucifix still resides on the chapel altar, but for some reason its curative powers have been overshadowed by El Posito, the miraculous “sacred sand pit” from which it sprang, which gapes unevenly behind the main altar. Over 300,000 people visit every year!

We know that many folks are unable to travel to New Mexico to get this miraculous “sacred sand”.  Fortunately, we have friends who visit and have brought us back this “sacred sand”!!! 

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May God grant you a miracle!


Speaking of Miracles...we recently read about this one:

"...I do know that my daughter (on her 15th birthday) was diagnosed with a rare cancer and we were told she had approximately three months to live. She had over 21 sites in her bones with tumors. She remembered a school trip made two years prior to this church in Chimayo and asked if we could take her. We left her back brace, and a picture. We took the dirt home and weeks later she woke in the middle of the night with pain in her right tibia. Not wanting to walk on it, she took her saliva and mixed it with the dirt on her leg. The next scans showed that this particular tumor (lesion) was gone and the doctor could not explain it. He said even if a tumor is gone, it takes years for it not to show up on a scan. We were in shock. That was 11 years ago and she is a happy and healthy young lady, married, a cellist in the Philharmonic, and healthy."