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      Jesus Prayer Cards-package of 50

      Jesus Prayer Cards-package of 50

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      Package of 50 Jesus Cards!

      I received my first "Jesus Card" many years ago from a nun.  Sister said, "Wendy, spread the devotion to his Holy Name!  You have a large apostolate and I know Our Lord would be so pleased."

      I initially offered a card like this, many years ago.  It was plain, though.  You may remember was brown and ugly.  Recently, my husband was talking to one of our customers and he asked him if we'd consider bringing them back. 

      I remembered Sister's words and, it's about time I did...can you say "Godincidence"? :)

      Immediately, I set out to make these cards sharp so when folks passed them out, people would read them! 

      So...get some and pass them out to friends, family!  Leave at church (with permission of course!), leave behind in public places! Spread the word of His Holy Name and how powerful it is!

      Each card has a picture of Jesus and the prayer, "Every time I say Jesus...I wish to offer to God the infinite merits of Jesus Christ, His Passion and Death, with all the Masses being said all over the world for the glory of God, my own intentions and the peace of the World."

      Repeat as often as possible The Holy Name will deliver you from many evils and obtain for you great blessings!

      Remember, The Holy Name of Jesus is, first of all, an all-powerful prayer.  Our Lord Himself solemnly promises  that whatever we ask the Father in His Name we shall receive.  God never fails to keep His word 

      Grab yourself some cards and then grab a cup of coffee or tea and read "The Wonders of the Holy Name" by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan..right here on our website!  You can read it HERE!   

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