Holy Relic Nail-3 pack

This is an authentic nail, touched to a piece of the very nail that crucified our Lord.

Pieces of the original Holy Nail of Our Lord were given out in a limited number by the Basilica of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem in Rome, one of the four major Pontifical Basilicas. These nails contained iron particles of one of the True Nails that had been allowed to be melted so that there could be worldwide veneration.

The relic nail we will send you has been touched to this. It is something you can physically put into the palm of your hand to remind you of His great love for you.It represents eternity. It represents hope. It represents His love. It is something to pass on to the next generation. Not a trinket, not a toy but an actual nail touched to a piece of the real nail.

Some refer to it as the greatest gift they have ever received.

We pray that God will help us not only to hold this nail in our hands, but let it change our lives. May the nail pierce into our own hearts so as to strip away all that is sinful so that His holiness can take over our lives. We pray this In the name of Jesus — our Savior whose body was pierced for love of us. AMEN.

Your authentic relic nails are a 3rd class Relic and comes with a certificate of authenticity, a history sheet and a Holy card.

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