Chrism Candle Package

$25.00 $25.00

Discount for multiples.

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These Chrism Tealight candles have the same oil that is used to perfume the sacred Chrism oil. It's a blend of Essential Oils that we don't even know the recipe of. The monks make it and keep the recipe a secret. 

This special Essence of Chrism is the Essential Oil used to perfume the sacred Chrism Oil during Holy Week. The essential oil is NOT consecrated, therefore it can be used for anything you wish.

Catholic mamas adore this smell – it reminds us of the day our babies were baptized!
I remember not wanting to wash my babies because I soooo adored the smell!  Now, I can just burn the candle and give the baby a bath :)

This uber special package includes 8 Chrism tealights (made from 100 percent pure beeswax and the secret Chrism oil!), a package of Holy Cards (1 large Holy Card and 5 mini holy cards..our choice) and a Holy Medal (our choice)

Because we have a special place in our heart for children in need, funds from this package go to our Giving Mission.