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      3 bottles of Potassium Iodide (KI) Tablets - Pediatric Fundraiser

      3 bottles of Potassium Iodide (KI) Tablets - Pediatric Fundraiser

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      *Please, do not take a discount on your donation*


      You will receive 3 bottles (60 tablets per bottle)

      It is recommended to have 1 bottle per family member, if possible

      There is even more uncertainty going on in this world, we just never know when a nuclear disaster might happen.

      The currently deteriorating relationship between China and the United States is only likely to worsen over time and there appears to be no end in sight to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

      Moreover, several Western nations have further involved themselves in the conflict by providing tanks and other military equipment, potentially risking an all-out war.

      Considering all these factors, the rising inflation rates for most goods and services are unlikely to go away anytime soon, risking mass social unrest across the world.

      We have tried our best to prepare our family, and hope and pray that we can help YOU and yours!



      ---------From my boys-------

      IMPORTANT: As reported by US NEWS today, US Buys $290 Million Worth of Drugs in Preparation for Nuclear Emergencies

      For as long as I can remember, Mom has always had potassium iodide enough for all of us incase of a nuclear event.

      When it comes to radiation exposure, one of the most important considerations is the protection of your thyroid, and with good reason

      The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ weighing just 20-60 grams, but it regulates hormones that control practically all of the body’s key metabolic functions including breathing, heart rate, body weight, temperature, muscle strength, and even the central nervous system. 

      Mom taught us this.

      These are vital functions for survival- especially during a crisis or major disaster. Unfortunately, the thyroid is also the most sensitive body part when it comes to absorbing radioactive iodine (I-131).

      That’s where potassium iodide comes in.

      Potassium iodide actively prevents your thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine—effectively blocking one of the most dangerous elements of radioactive exposure during the crucial first days of fallout and radiation.

      In the event of exposure, it’s crucial to take potassium iodide as soon as possible to avoid radioactive iodine side effects and radiation poisoning.



      Three quick things.

      1. "[Putin was] not joking when he talks about the use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons," Biden said. "We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis."

      We are not Biden fans, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

      2. Mom said we forgot to put dosing for the Potassium Iodide. Each tablet is 65 mg.

      Dosing Instructions:

      Newborns (birth – 1 month): 16 mg (1/4 65 mg tablet)

      Infants (1 month – 3 years): 32 mg (1/2 65 mg tablet)

      Children (3–18): 65 mg (1 full tablet)

      Adults (18+): 130 mg (2 tablets)

      Take daily for up to 14 days, or as needed.

      Made in the USA.  

      Tablets may be crushed and mixed with juice or milk. 

      Animals or pets can take, too.

      10 year shelf life. Store in a cool, dark and dry location for extended shelf life.

      *In deciding to use any supplement or medicine, any risks must be weighed against the good it will do. This is a decision you and your doctor must make.



      Like all over-the-counter drugs, potassium iodide pills are forced to be labeled with an expiration date.
      But their components are very stable, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and it is safe to take them well after the expiration date.
      According to the Food and Drug Administration, studies confirm that none of the components of KI tablets, including the active ingredient, are significantly reduced with age.
      Potassium iodide tablets/pills are naturally stable and do not lose their effectiveness over time



      Our mission as a family is,

      “Reaching Hearts For Christ Through Meeting the Needs of Sick Children and Their Families”

      When you offer assistance or place an order with us, you are doing more than you will ever know!




      We do what we say we do!
      God bless you for considering this Fundraiser

      The needs of the Pediatric Giving Mission are increasing by the day... the requests keep pouring in and we are down to just a handful of helpers.

      Yes, we use funds from orders to provide for this, but I have been running such crazy specials that sometimes there is little to nothing left over.

      As you know, we provide gas and grocery gift cards for those dealing with a gravely or terminally ill child..we have paid for surgeries, special formulas and diets, mortgages and rent (we have even had families stay with us), provided transportation, etc.

      ---Some of the many wee ones we've helped---

      ---HELP IF YOU CAN----

      Here is a post, from a recipient of what we do,.

      L**** and I were one of the precipitants of This mission. She is right. My parking was 9 per day for 3 months. Then on top of that food cost me approximately 15 per day. That was cheap - I got vouchers for $5.00 per meal. So somedays I did not eat or made meals last for more then one meal. Had to. Parking was $810. Food was $1,300. Then you have normal household bills and I have 3 animals I had to pay to have people come and take care of them. At first I had my dog in the Kennel for 1/2 the time. That was about 500. It is VERY expensive to have a sick child. That was Just ONE hospital stay. We have had numerous ones. Some only a few days, some a week or two. Without their help we would of gone fully under!

      From providing necessary funds to actually having families stay with us...we DO what we say we do!


      -----From a physician we help...he sees to the medical needs of children no one else seems to be able to help ❤️-----



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