Wendy's Longevity Blend


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I'm over 50 now and I noticed that a lot of things aren't quite as sharp as they used to be.  I'm not one to go "oh, well...such is  life".  I know that God gave us so many things that can help us on our journey here on earth...so...I present you with one of those things. 

I consider these formula's my babies and I pray they go out and help many :)

Introducing, my Longevity blend ... a preventative measure in your long time health.

The herbs for memory and improved thinking ability are great contributors to your overall long term well-being.

Our Longevity medicinal blend is a power house collection of herbs for the purpose of providing long term health and well being.  

This blend includes a few adaptogenic herbs to help you cope with stressors of every day life as well as herbs for improved memory and thinking ability.  

The blend helps to get you through the average day and additionally works as a long term supplement for providing positive effects on your health!


Astragalus - a very long history as an immune system booster and disease fighter. It has been used as an adaptogen for thousands of years — meaning it helps the body fight off stress and disease. Astragalus medicinal healing and treatment uses span many different illnesses and diseases.

Bacopa- a tropical plant known for its cognitive and memory improving capabilities.

Codonopsis- used to boost immune system health, promote mental sharpness and memory and as an “adaptogen"

Ashwagandha- stimulates the immune system and promotes healthy functioning.  Like adaptogenic plants -which adapt themselves to the need of the organism.  Ashwagandha benefits the entire body and mind, and its range of uses is very broad.

Milk Thistle- because of its antioxidants, it helps prevent free radical damage and removes pollutants and waste from the blood and digestive tract - it can actually slow the aging process...on the surface of your skin and in your organs.

Turmeric- is the anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory super spice.

In a base of Certified Organic, gluten and GMO-Free Alcohol (40-60%), distilled water and Certified Organic orange flavor.

Suggested UseShake well before using. 1-2 droppers in water or juice three to four times daily or as directed by your health practitioner.  Personally, I like taking mine sublingually.