Trauma Response Oil

Quick story on why I keep one of these in my First Aid Kit (Medic Bag) and another on the kitchen counter!  I love this so much!

I had one of our "labs" mix up this special blend to be used for "boo-boo's", etc.  With 13 children, we have had plenty of chances to experiment with what works and what doesn't.  After a few weeks, we received my special blend. 

Well, as life would have it...we were able to try it out immediately! 

<--- my youngest grandson whacked his little noggin on a door and you could immediately see bruising and swelling...uh, oh!  Ice and grandma's trauma oil to the rescue.  We actually watched it go away...bruise and all!  Even **I** was astonished! 

As if that were not good enough, a few days later the grandsons were over playing in the backyard with their Aunt and Uncles and whack.  My middle grandson hit his head.  We were able to try it out again.  Same great results!

This is the same oil I used on my own kiddo''s just now we have had it formulated in a "real lab".  Tried and true for over 26 years of mothering and now grandmothering!

That being said...

Trauma Response Oil is most effective when applied immediately after an injury occurs, to reduce pain and swelling, and to promote rapid natural healing. Apply liberally to unbroken skin to sooth and speed healing of injured tendons and ligaments, sore muscles, back pain, bruises, and even arthritic pain.

Trauma Response Oil can be applied to minor muscle injuries such as pulls and strains, and to reduce swelling and stiffness from overuse

What does Trauma Oil help with? 

Well we use it mostly for Injuries (whacks, bumps, etc) can also use it for:

  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Sciatic discomfort
  • Inflammation

Apply to sore muscles, back pain or bruises for quick relief. This is also a great massage oil to soothe and speed the healing of injured tendons and ligaments, sprains, fractures, dislocations and arthritic pain.

This is a great remedy to have on hand always!  We use it all the time!

Ingredients: Arnica Flower, St Johnswort flowering top, Lobelia herb, Cayenne Pepper, essential oils of camphor and cajeput, menthol crystals in a base of sweet almond oil.

Base: Almond oil and vitamin E

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