Sanity Rescue

This formula may by used for those wishing to avoid antidepressant pharmaceuticals.

This herbal tincture is a special synergistic blend for the relief of symptoms of depression. 

Now to get down to the personal stuff. 

I grew up with a mother who was severely depressed.  I watched as she went from one antidepressant to another...gradually getting worse and worse.  Watching my mother suffer so much was almost unbearable to me.  As a young teen, my plan was to get my Doctor of Pharmacy and spend my time researching.  I loved researching and medicine always intrigued me.  So, I learned all that I could possibly learn and then was introduced to the world of "natural medicine".  It resonated with me.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against allopathic has saved my life several times. Yet, I believe you need to see that perhaps a pharmaceutical isn't always the answer.  Drugs and surgery are sometimes the answer we need...but..not always.  We must weigh our medical and pharmaceutical decisions before we act upon them. 

As I began my research, I found that even Medscape listed these side effects from SSRI and SNRI anti-depressants: Abnormal bleeding, hepatitis, headache, hyponatrenia (potentially deadly low sodium), toxic epidermal necrolysis (potentially deadly skin death), impotence, abnormal sensations, mania and suicide.

My mother DID develop many of these side effects! 

As the years passed, my mother was finally open to trying some of the tinctures that I had developed.  After I helped her clear up a terrible fungal rash and an eye infection that the pharmaceuticals were not touching, she became a believer in what others like to call "alternative medicine" (I find it's not actually alternative at all :) 

Before she passed away in 2008, she told me that she believed in my ability to find a cure for anything...even cancer...of which she died prematurely at just 62.  I have my opinion and belief about cancer and will spend time on that in the future. 

I am here to help others so they do not have to suffer like my mother did.  If you have a deep desire to avoid antidepressant pharmaceuticals, please consider letting me help you.

This herbal remedy contains an Organic Blend of: St. Johnswort Herbal Extract, Kava Herbal Extract, Ginkgo Herbal Extract, Damiana Herbal Extract, Eluethero root Herbal Extract, Devil's Club Herbal Extract and Oat seed Herbal Extract

These work synergistically to help relieve depression.  Now for those of you wondering what that means...Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia συνέργεια from synergos, συνεργός, meaning "working together".


Since we're getting "personal", here's a picture of me (red knee socks) standing in front of my mother pointing at the camera. --->

It was the Summer of'69 (Yes, I know that's a song :) and I had big dreams of helping to heal others since I could walk. 

I think we innately know what God has called us to do when we are young. 

Find your passion and help others!  It's a wonderful feeling when you can help heal :)  This is my passion and I'm stickin' to it!

 <--- this="" is="" a="" picture="" of="" my="" oldest="" grandson="" and="" i="" celebrating="" his="" 3rd="" birthday="" david="" p="">

Yes, I'm pointing at the camera again, all these years later!

 I want to be around to see my grandson celebrate his 50th! 

 In fact, I want to be around to see a gazillion great grandchildren. 


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