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      Antioxidant & Detox Formula

      Antioxidant & Detox Formula

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      This Antioxidant Detoxes Free Radicals from the body!

      Before I explain why I believe EVERYONE needs to take this daily....I thought I'd give my testimony!

      I feel like I'm at least 20 years younger than I actually am

      I'm well over 50 and quite frankly, I don't feel it.  

      I want to SHARE my "discoveries" with YOU! 

      I never, ever sell anything that I haven't "used" myself.  A lot of the formula's I have actually developed with other health care professionals (doctors, nutritionists, etc)

      This capsule is something I use everyday and folks have noticed a big difference in my energy level and my appearance.  It goes beyond coincidence.  I do have a daily regimen that I follow and this Antioxidant/Detox Capsule is a big part of it!

      Read why this capsule works, below! 

      Why do we need an Antioxidant?

      Antioxidants fight free radicals, which are unstable molecules in the body that can cause DNA mutation.
      They work to strengthen your immune system.  They also help slow down the aging process. 

      Now..what exactly is a "free radical"?  Well, the first thing it sounds like to me is some political cuckoo. 
      We're talking about something just as dangerous though as they can do crazy and dangerous things. 

      "Free radicals" can cause major damage to your body.  They increase the inflammation in your body which leads to many degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's, heart disease and more.

      Where do Free Radicals come from?  Washington.  Just kidding. 
      They come from all types of pollutants, cigarette smoke, that new pillow you just got, the carpet, the furniture, they are all over.  We live in a very toxic world.

      Even sun overexposure can generate so many free radicals that your normal antioxidant defenses become overwhelmed, leaving you vulnerable to cell damage and disease. Researchers also link free-radical oxidation with, yes..they even come from "within".

      Your body needs a good amount of antioxidants to fight those crazy free radicals off.  This in turn helps to keep your immune system strong so it can do its job.

      I once heard that we should think of antioxidants as an army..fighting to keep us from that slippery slope of bad health and disease. We need to get the army working!  An antioxidant is there to help.

      Doctor’s are recognizing that many acute and chronic illnesses are related to an excess of free radicals in our bodies.

      The reason we get sick is because the amount of free radicals is greater than the antioxidants fighting them, causing an “imbalance” in the body.  This imbalance, if nothing is done about it, can go from you feeling a little under the weather to potentially causing cancer.

      If you want to do some research on your own, Dr. James Balch has written a lot about this.  Absolutely love the man!

      BOTTOM LINE:  Antioxidants benefits help to prevent free radicals from tipping the scales to the wrong side of things. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals so they go from very harmful to practically harmless
      So I highly recommend that folks start taking this supplement daily. 

      Health Tip.  The best solution to combating imbalance in your body is through getting a little exercise, trying to keep stress under control (pray, pray, pray!), proper nutrition and the right amount of antioxidants. Keep in mind that the benefits of antioxidants alone can’t make you invincible to everything but adding them definitely gives you a greater advantage. START NOW by adding this supplement to your daily regimen) 

      The Effects of Toxins on Your Body

      A study by The British Medical Journal says that 75% of most cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors. A report by the Columbia University School of Public Health estimates that 95% of cancer is caused by diet and environmental toxicity. Most Americans have between 400- 800 chemicals stored in their bodies, typically in fat cells!

      Why is it Important to Detox Your Body?
      The body undergoes a lot of wear and tear both inside and outside so it is important to ensure that the body is taken care of in order to compensate for this. Just like a car engine which needs to be serviced and have its oil removed and changed, the body also has to be detoxified in order for it to function properly and to promote general health and well being. During the course of an individual's life they ingest a variety of foods; some of which are healthy and some of which are not so healthy. The fact is that not all of this food is successfully absorbed by the body as nutrients and not all of it is discharged out of the body as waste products, there are always remnants and these remnants become toxins that are left in the bowel and colon of the body. Over a long period of time, this can have some adverse effects on the body if these toxins are not removed.

      Detoxifying the body becomes even more important if you indulge in things such as cigarettes, junk food and alcoholic beverages. These things make it even more difficult for the natural detoxifying mechanism of the body to work and it makes it even more important for you to take steps to rid yourself of the toxins that are being accumulated in your body.

      A lot of the foods which most people eat on a daily basis have a very high acidic content which can have a negative effect on the body if this acidity is allowed to accumulate in the body without being removed at some point. It is necessary for the body's alkaline PH balance to be restored in order to aid the renewal and repair of cells and to promote general well being and a short detox program can do this for you. It is not only important to detoxify the body, it is necessary to do so as regularly as possible in order to maximize the benefits that are obtained from doing so.

      Furthermore, purifying and keeping your body clean through detoxification is the best way to avoid colon diseases, as well as maintaining a healthy bloodstream and heart. The important thing to remember about toxins is the fact that they are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to other parts of the body and can lead to a variety of health issues because the body's immunity against disease is weakened by the presence of toxins and waste. So a detox program is highly essential in order to aid the body's ability to fight off disease.

      Besides the fact that detoxifying your body can help you avoid health problems, there are also a variety of benefits that it can have on your body. It has been advocated by medical specialists that detoxifying your body will improve your levels of physical fitness and promote youthfulness. Participating in a regular detox program will also improve the appearance of your skin and give you more energy and vitality.

      The main point to remember is that detoxifying the body is not something to be done occasionally, but something to be done on a regular basis. There is a lot to gain from detoxifying your body and absolutely nothing to lose. It is also easy and affordable to do so; making it an absolute must.

      Ingredients for our Antioxidant & Detox Formula:

      NOTE: Each Capsule Contains a Proprietary Blend of: Fructooligosaccharides, Hyssop leaf, Green Tea, Marshmallow Root, Maqui Berry, Acai Berry, Hawthorne Berry, Pomegranate, Burdock Root, Goji Berry, Fennel Seed, Aloe Vera Powder, Oat Bran Fiber, Artichoke Powder, Guar Gum and Slippery Elm Bark Powder.


      Serving size is 2 capsules.


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