Wendy's Raspberry Silk Facial Cleanser

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Well, I'll fess up.  I don't want to look my age.  I take great care to baby the skin God gave me. 

I also like creating my own products and I enjoy things that smell good because quite frankly....after almost 3 decades of changing diapers I deserve it. (Just kidding..sort of!)

This gentle cleanser features raspberry seed extract, olive oil esters and goat's milk for added nutrients. It seriously smells good enough
to eat!

It produces a gentle, yet effective, sudsing action that cleanses the face without drying the skin. 
I like it because it really cleanses the make up off my face without having to scrub at all!

When you get to be my age (50's) you don't want something that's going to rip your face apart ;-)
You want geeeeeeeeeeentle.  

Well, this does the trick and is perfect for daily use...and did I mention it smells heavenly?!

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