Wendy's Island Essence Perfume

This isn't like any "normal" perfume.  This is a trip to a Tropical Island in a roll on perfume bottle (and a lot cheaper!)

The best part is it is totally non-toxic and you don't need to leave home to think you've left home!

About a year ago, I became interested in making my own perfumes.  I didn't want to wear something that was going to eventually kill me. 

So many of the perfumes on the market are laden with "bad stuff".  To protect trade secrets, makers are allowed to withhold fragrance ingredients.  We all know what that means!

Typically a perfume contains a dozen or more potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals! Can you say petrochemicals?

Anyhoo..I quit using perfume after doing research..yet, I wanted to wear something!  The first thing was that I wanted something "tropical" (and may I add sexy..did I just say that?)  

As much as I would love to escape to a Tropical Island, it hasn't happened in 46 years.  Perhaps it's because I have 13 kiddo's? 

Well, consider this a much cheaper version of a "getaway".  I'm not joking when I say I put it on...shut my eyes and "escape".  If I'm really feeling the need to escape, I'll put a pair of headphones on and play Kokomo by the Beach Boys. 

Now here's an experience....get the perfume, come back and play the video below! 

The other nice thing is that my husband adores the smell.  He was quite impressed that this crazy mama of 13 could use her creativity to actually produce a scent that was attractive and may I add um..well, you know :)

Trust me..you'll love it.  A tropical escape in a bottle.  I've gotten a lot of compliments on the scent. 

There is absolutely nothing toxic in my Island Essence.  It contains Fractionated coconut oil, Plumeria & essential oils.  In fact, folks who are sensitive to smells have used it and love it. 

My daughter in law and I both have broken out from perfumes...and this is the first one she can wear without any reaction!

Okay..now go add some to your cart, apply it upon arrival and come on back and play this video! Ahhhh....


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