Wendy's Night Time Hydrating Face Treatment

This is our night-time serum filled with some of the very best anti-aging ingredients out there!  The results are lasting results.  Bye bye facial lines :)

This facial serum was formulated for a night time treatment.  During the night, it absorbs into the deeper facial tissues.  You'll notice your face feels rejuvenated in the morning! As an added benefit, the serum offers long-term moisturizing properties.

Includes hyaluronic acid, DMAE, argan oil, retinol, and other natural ingredients.

I had marvelous results...but it does take time.  Give it 6 weeks and you WILL notice a difference!  Fine lines gone. 

Side Note:  Trying to figure out what that picture is?  It is a portrait that my award winning artist friend, Suzanne Staud, did of me.  She included everything I love and when I get a chance, I will give a little "guide".  Meanwhile, I'll let you figure it out (note..no major wrinkles! lol :)

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