Tooth Powder (2 pack)

Use to preserve your gums and teeth.
Helps to PREVENT cavities.
Kills germs that cause tooth decay.
Prevents Tartar Build Up.
Tightens Gums and Stops bleeding.
Heals sores in mouth and stops bad breath!
All reasons to make you smile!

(I love to makes people wonder what I'm up to ;-)!

Personal Story:

Back in July 2006, my dear, sweet grandmother was extremely ill in the hospital. I knew in my heart that she wouldn't be with us for much longer, so I tried to spend as much time at the hospital as I could.A few weeks before she passed from this life, she was sitting on the edge of the hospital bed. I scooted my chair over and held her lovely, graceful hands. It was a very tender moment. As I looked into her eyes, I could see she wanted to tell me something. I said, "What, Grandma?"

I thought for sure it was going to be something monumental and I braced myself for what she might say. She looked me directly in the eyes and said, "You have beautiful teeth". I laughed with relief! I was waiting for something earth-shattering and serious. :-)

I said, "Oh, Grandma...seriously?" She said "seriously". I said it was probably all the thousands of dollars worth of Orthodontic work Dad and Mom paid for. She said was because they were white and nice. Oh, to have an Irish Granny...they can make you laugh when you least expect it! I miss her more than words can convey.That being said, I have taken especially good care of my teeth ever since Grandma pointed them out. Let me introduce you to what I've been using! Yes, another creation that WORKS and I'll tell you how and why it works!


Our Natural Tooth Powder is made of 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic additives such as preservatives, foaming agents, colors, artificial flavors, etc. It is very effective for receding or infected gums and a preventive for recurring cavities. Once the teeth are cleaned of plaque, the regular use of this Tooth Powder will quickly tighten up the gums and help prevent further problems.


Only the highest grade ingredients! I've thought of me!

BAKING SODA: This is the cleanser, sweetener, stain remover that also whitens your teeth! Baking soda whitens (and cleans) teeth by effectively scraping off the yellow and brown stains that form with age and wear. The free radicals from baking soda penetrate the teeth’s enamel and lighten the stains from a yellow or brown to give a much whiter appearance.

XYLITOL: Pure xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar. Studies using xylitol as either a sugar substitute or a small dietary addition have demonstrated a dramatic reduction in new tooth decay, along with arrest and even some reversal of existing dental caries. Xylitol provides additional protection that enhances all existing prevention methods. This xylitol effect is long-lasting and possibly permanent. Low decay rates persist even years after the trials have been completed.

KAOLIN CLAY: Now for something a bit more technical. Smooth highly polished tooth surfaces are less receptive to accumulation and retention of dental plaque, calculus, extrinsic stain and the oral disease processes. Many studies have demonstrated that rough, unpolished tooth surfaces facilitate the formation and retention of dental plaque, oral debris, calculus and extrinsic stain. For example, initial bacterial colonization of enamel surfaces starts in surface irregularities (e.g., pits, scratches, defects) and preferential retention occurs on rough surfaces where bacteria are more protected from shear forces.

The superb cleaning and polishing properties of kaolin are attributable, at least in part, to the shape and configuration of its particles. Kaolin particles are thin, flat platelets that are about 10 times as wide as they are thick with microscopic ridges on their surfaces. When suspended in a medium and pressed (e.g., by toothbrush bristles) up against a surface (e.g., a tooth) to be polished, the platelets have a natural tendency to orient themselves flat against the surface. When moved across this surface, the tiny ridges on the kaolin particles work together like miniature files to produce a microsmooth surface on the teeth, with maximum gloss and luster. In contrast, other abrasives have more irregular, spherical shapes that depend on particle edges, only a few per particle, to scrape, scratch or gouge the surface.

GROUND SAGE: Sage is also a tooth whitener

If you drink coffee or tea, or eat certain foods, chances are your teeth are stained and discolored. But commercial tooth-whitening strips are full of chemicals. Try this simple formula instead: it will help you get your teeth pearly white again. It also has antibacterial properties and a gentle abrasive action to make your teeth feel squeaky clean.
I've read in my studies that many Arabs, American Indians, and Far Eastern Indians rub their teeth with sage leaves to cleanse them and give a sweet smell to the breath.

SALT: Hippocrates recommended a salt mixture to keep the mouth clean (he was one pretty smart guy!) It is also a wonderful treatment for mouth infections and/or injuries. Also it has been said that salt is good for firming the gums! As we age, the gums tend to recede...ack!
I'm all for being preventative!

SPEARMINT ESSENTIAL OIL: It's my favorite, so Spearmint it was! Nice and minty, but not overpowering!



This toothpowder provides natural cleaning action with low abrasive action and antibacterial properties to kill bacteria while freshening the breath. Natural cleaning makes me feel better! Less Plaque. Lower Abrasivity. Helps harden enamel without Flouride!

For the "preppers" out there, tooth powder can be an excellent alternative to traditional toothpaste, which may freeze, weighs more, and requires water for rinsing. Plus, this will last you longer than a tube of toothpaste!


Tooth powder (or toothpowder) is a dentifrice--a preparation used for cleaning and polishing teeth--that has been around for centuries. While seldom used or talked about today, it was widely used by our ancestors. Some of the earliest known users of tooth powder were the Romans. Their tooth powder consisted of finely-ground or pounded, sometimes burnt, substances such as pumice, horns, bones, hooves, eggshells, and the shells from mollusks such as the oyster and murex.

Our great-grandparents often relied upon bicarbonate of soda (NaHCO3) as a tooth powder. Its antibacterial, cleansing, polishing, and deodorizing attributes make baking soda "an essential ingredient of oral health," according to Vincent M. Cali, D.D.S., in The New, Lower-Cost way to End Gum Trouble Without Surgery (Warner Books, Inc., 1982).

During the early 1900s, wintergreen was the preferred flavor in the United States; peppermint was popular in Europe, especially France.
We chose to use Spearmint in ours (just because I like it best!


The taste is not overly sweet, like commercial toothpaste – it is a bit salty, yet refreshing. The feeling you get when you are done brushing is incredible. Clean, clean, clean! After repeated use, gums will appear healthier and stronger. The natural ingredients create a very powerful synergetic toothpowder that cleans your teeth and eliminates harmful bacterial build-up in your mouth. While it may take a few brushings to adjust to the change in taste, it is well worth the effort.We highly recommend that you give this a try. Your teeth and gums will thank you!


Each 2 ounce toothpowder is a 4-month supply for the typical user. We recommend that each family member have their own (but there is no rule that says you can't share!)


Wendy, I LOVE your tooth powder. I have used many brands of toothpaste over the years. I wanted to get away from fluoride so I started searching and found your tooth powder. I worked for many years as a dental assistant and I can tell you that nothing has made my teeth feel like they were just cleaned by a professional until I found your tooth powder. Great product!! Cynthia Philips

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