Seeds- Zinnias

Not only are they gorgeous, they are edible!

They are a “cut and come again” flower, meaning that the more you harvest them, the more they grow back and produce more flowers!

Use the petals (remove the seeds) for a beautiful, colorful addition to salads, summer drinks or desserts.

These zinnias make amazing arrangements of cut flowers.

The flowers are large, flat-petaled semi-doubling and placed on long stems that are perfect for vases.

Children love to plant these and see them grow!

The plants reach 36-48" tall,  the blooms are large ranging from 4-7" in diameter.

A rainbow of colors in this mix perfect for colorful arrangements.

Butterflies love these flowers!

Plus, they have a wildflower like hardiness and can be broadcast openly or sown in traditional rows.

For traditional planting, plant 2-3 seeds .5" deep per hole and thin starts early to reduce legginess.

Zinnia seeds germinate in 4-7 days and should bloom in about 60 days.

Keep watered and well-drained.

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