St. Michael Miraculous Rock/Water


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St. Michael is called upon to protect ourselves, our homes and our families.Using this Holy Water is a good way of doing so.

Background: A terrible pestilence raged all over southern Italy in the year 1656. Many people lost their lives. In a desperate attempt to stop the plague, Archbishop Alfonso Puccinelli, unable to find human means of stopping the epidemic, asked for the intercession of the Archangel Michael along with prayers and fasting.

Then as dawn was breaking on September 22, while he was praying in at Monte Sant’Angelo, there was an earthquake and Saint Michael appeared to him in dazzling splendor and ordered him to bless the stones of the grotto engraving them with the sign of the cross and the letters MA (Michael Archangel).

“Whoever keeps these stones devoutly will be immune from the plague.” The bishop did what he was told to do. Very soon the town was delivered from the plague!

As a result, the Archbishop erected a monument to Saint Michael in the square of the town where it stands to this day (<----see picture on left), in front of the balcony of that room where the apparition took place.
The Holy Water: The St. Michael Holy Water for Protection will come in the special St. Michael Glass Holy Water Bottle as seen above.
Tiny particles of the miraculous stones are suspended in this special Holy Water visible. It will also be given the Exorcism Blessing for you


St. Michael is working to help us all to remember our True Nature as children of God. We are loved by St. Michael, and the ones who call upon him know the power and love that this magnificent being of spirit and light displays for those who call to him. God bless you all, and may the light of our Creator shine upon us all.


Did you know? From the earliest Christian times, Saint Michael was were very popular, particularly in the East, where he was invoked to protect against illnesses. A church was dedicated to St. Michael in Constantinople to protect the health of the citizens in the fourth century.



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