Face Masks-set of 5

These are one ply and easier for folks to breathe in, but if you would like a 3 ply, we have them available here

***For every five masks ordered, we donate a mask***

The CDC now recommends that all Americans wear at least a fabric face mask outside their homes.

The science is clear (and now widely accepted) that wearing a mask will slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.

Why? If you’re infected (and ~50% of those infected are asymptomatic) then having a cloth layer in front of your face captures up to 100% of droplets emitted from your mouth and nose.

This mask is comfortable and breathable.


It is produced using a zero human touch, no-sew process and features a contoured shape and two ear holes to fit both children and adults.


It helps to contain respiratory droplets and stop the spread.


Now sold as a set of FIVE (5), so I could afford to lower the price.  You will also receive FIVE (5) St. Rocco Holy Cards touched to his 1st class relic, as our gift.

Note from Wendy:  These masks are perfect for those who have breathing issues as they are 1 ply, That being said, if you don't have breathing issues...You may choose to wear just one, but for extra protection, you can wear two. You may also consider putting a coffee filter (or even a papertowel) between the two...for added protection.  These are one ply, if you would like a 3 ply, we have them available here.  

Disclaimer: The mask is not an N95 and should not be used in a surgical setting or in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high.  We make no warranties, either express or implied, that the mask prevents infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases


"I wish I didn't have to wear a mask at work but they won't allow me to work if I don't and this one I can breathe in. Tammy M."


"My husband's medical office loves these"


"I’m wondering when you will be getting more face masks.   I ordered 5 and would like to order 5 more.  THEY ARE AWESOME !  THANK YOU SO MUCH ! Brenda C."


"I have asthma and allergies and our town won't let us enter a public place without a mask.  My grand daughter made me one but it was still too thick and I would get half way through the store and feel like passing out. I used the ones you sent me and it felt so good and I made it through the store this week.  Martha T."

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