Barter Bag- Pediatric Fundraiser

A coin barter bag is a collection of coins that can be used for bartering or trading in a post-disaster or survival situation. Unlike traditional currency, which may lose its value in a crisis or may not be accepted in a bartering situation, coins can be valuable because they have an intrinsic value based on their weight and the metal they are made of. Additionally, coins are a widely recognized form of currency that have been used for centuries in various forms of bartering and trading.

When we created this coin barter bag, we carefully considered their potential usefulness in a bartering situation. It's important to store the coins securely and to protect them from damage and theft. A well-stocked coin barter bag can be a valuable asset in a survival situation, but it's important to plan and prepare carefully to ensure its effectiveness.


Bag contents:

One ounce copper coins - 2
Tenth of an ounce solid silver coins - 10
Wheat pennies - 20
Note : Wheat pennies are 95% copper


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