As Mentioned In Newsletter "Wendy's Oil"


Yes, this is "Wendy's Oil" that was mentioned in my newsletters.

I plan on using my Blog to bring back all the video's on healing and testimonies.

Meanwhile, you can get that item here.

Kindly, keep me in prayer...I can't even mention the name or they shut me down.


***The University of Pennsylvania…revealed that 70% of these oils are FRAUDS!
What you see on the label for 7 out of 10 these oils—is NOT what’s inside the bottle!

***I work directly with our labs so I know it is 100% pure

***I am NOT a reseller, It is my own product and because it has my name on it, and because I answer to GOD, you can trust me.  Your trust in me means more than words can convey.

***Doctors and researchers now have a list of 200 different ailments it helps with!

***I will tell you, it has greatly helped me with my anxiety, has helped me sleep soundly...and I've also told you about it helped me feel my hands again (if you don't know my story, I will get it up again)

***It has so many beneficial effects throughout the entire body, they haven't even founthem all yet.

***God HAS given us what we need!  This healing plant can take care of so much and a certain big pharmaceutical company has already made a SYNTHETIC version of it (because you can't patent a plant!)

So much more to say...but I think you definitely get the picture

St. Joan of Arc, Pro Nobis!


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