When You Don't Get Your Miracle

    God’s love sometimes purifies...it is painful...especially if we had been praying for a miracle that never came.

    I lost my perfectly formed unborn child after an auto accident.

    The point of impact was my door..and the force was so great that it put my toes through my shoes ...all the injuries left me bedridden.

    They wanted to hospitalize me but I refused because I had four children, 7 and under, who needed my presence after this trauma.

    I prayed for a miracle, it never came. I lost our baby. I still weep about it (like, tonight)

    I finally understand that the absence of a miracle does not signify the absence of His love. I didn't get that at the time and was bitter.

    That horrible loss was an invitation to greater intimacy with HIM...a sharing in His life..a sharing of the cross.

    As St. Therese of Lisieux once said..Oh Lord, you do not like to make us suffer, but you know it is the only way to prepare us to know you as you know yourself, to prepare us to become like you...because you wish that my heart be wholly yours!

    I made a short recording for you, below.

    Love and blessings...Your sister in Christ, Wendy


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