The "swampiness" of this world

    This morning I had time to reflect after prayer.

    I will admit, I get bothered tremendously by all the sinful things of this world (my sins included)

    Yet it hit me, when I get mired down by some of the swampiness of this world...I need to look up!

    Our feet may be stuck in the earthly mud- with sin swirling all around us like hungry mosquitoes...and we may get stung and bit...but we must keep looking up towards our true home ♡

     When you think about it...all of us are on Golgotha with Christ in a way. We all have our crosses to bear in this life...we are all crucified by the suffering that sin causes.

    We should be like the good thief and accept our suffering as the bitter fruit of our sins and the sins of others. God forgive us and help us!

    May God have mercy on all of us.

    Love and blessings...Your sister in Christ, Wendy


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