The Indoor Homesteader- Chapter 2 Pick A Spot

    The Indoor Homesteader- Chapter 2 Pick A Spot

    You don't necessarily have to choose the kitchen to grow your indoor veggies and herbs.

    There are instances where this isn’t your ideal spot.

    The time of year is a factor as well.

    Your kitchen might be perfect in the cool months when plants need the ambient heat... but not so ideal when the really warm months arrive.

    Point in case, my trays of microgreens do awesome on the kitchen counter during the fall and winter. I cook constantly so the heat from the stove and the woodstove keep it comfortably warm.

    That being said, it gets dry so I run a humidifier.

    During the summer I move them out to my office because it's much cooler...yet comfortable.

    Tomatoes and peppers however, love, love, love the heat!

    Putting them by a window in the middle of summer allows them to thrive. I have a few Southwest facing windows that they adore.

    In other words, it’s likely that your home has the right spot for whatever you have in just have to figure it out.

    An unused corner of your living room...even your bedroom!

    Lighting will probably be needed...but you CAN do it!  I will get to inexpensive lighting in another chapter.

    My first experiment with growing indoors was in my unfinished basement about 20 years ago.

    It was good until it wasn't.

    While it offered a lot of space for raising my indoor crops, it lacked in light and heat.

    I finally added supplemental heat and shop lights. Voila! Problem solved!

    I will be sharing about what to do and not to do because I have made all the mistakes and you don't need to, as I've already done that for you! :)

    Stay tuned!


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