The Healthy Catholic - When to eat

    There is a physician within each one of us and fasting brings him out to heal.

    Despite the obsessive fixation on what to eat, we spend little time studying something just as crucial...when to eat.

    The idea that there are times when we should abstain from eating isn't as popular as being told what to eat.

    Fasting is one of the oldest health remedies in history and has been the practice of virtually every culture and religion on earth.

    Science has shown us that it works to help us heal and lose weight.

    But, when and how?

    I will be talking more about that.

    Personally, I have an 8 hour eating window and I adhere to times of Catholic fasting (Lent, Ember Days, etc)

    I have a group that is an extension of this website, called "The Healthy Catholic".  You are welcome to join us for free HERE

    I made you a short recording, below.

    Love and blessings...Your sister in Christ, Wendy


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