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    We all yearn for happiness, but so many do not know how or where to find it.

    Many have bought into the lie that material goods can bring them happiness.

    I was one of those people.

    For example... I had finally got the car of my dreams... the car I had wanted my whole life. After a short time the car was just a car...just a way to get around.

    Yes it brought me happiness at the time and yes I loved driving it...but it did not give me that deep and lasting satisfaction that we all yearn for.

    It wasn't until I returned to my Catholic faith that I found true happiness!

    St. Augustine once wrote, "Our hearts are restless until they rest in you Lord." How true, how absolutely true!

    Let us center our lives around will find true happiness there. ..a lasting happiness that you can't find anywhere else ♡

    I made you a short recording, below.

    Love and blessings...Your sister in Christ, Wendy


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