Satan wants your mind, how to stop him!

    Satan loves to toy with of his favorite tricks is to whisper in the "ear" of your mind.

    His ammunition?

    Thoughts of anxiety, overwhelming fear, doubt, confusion, not measuring up, self loathing, self pity, hopelessness and despair, etc.

    How do we battle against this?


    The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every lofty opinion that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we TAKE CAPTIVE EVERY THOUGHT and make it obedient to Christ -2 Corinthians 10:4–5

    Take it captive, cast it out, and call on The Two Holy Hearts ♡♡

    We truly love you and pray for you daily!  Never hesitate to send me a prayer request!

    Sending our love and prayers to our remnant family...Wendy  & Walt and family

    (PS:  I have several priest friends who will will be offering Mass for all of you! You are truly like family to us and we love you!)



    ----------I added NEW ITEMS to the Buy 1 get 1 Free special to raise funds for the Pediatric Giving Missions---------


    Buy just 1 and get 1 additional free (of the same item) on items below (only)!
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    Wendy's Total Health Vitamin (for cats and dogs) - It's no secret, I love children and pets.  I also take in strays, lol.  We currently have dogs, cats, ducks, goats, chickens, etc.  I try to keep everyone and everything healthy.  A few friends asked when I was going to bring on the pet "stuff".  Took me several years to discern (thank you, St. Francis!) and I finally took the leap

    *** I worked with one of our labs and now the Wendy's Oil (also known as CBD Oil and Hemp Oil)  is 500 mg (up from 250 mg).  You won't have to use as much!  It cost us more, but I am eating the cost difference at the moment. Yes, this is buy 1, get 1 for this very short time.  I am doing this as MY GIFT to you.  It is not going to net us anything for the Pediatric Missions.***

    Antioxidant & Detox Formula - Antioxidants fight free radicals, which are unstable molecules in the body that can cause DNA mutation.
    They work to strengthen your immune system.  They also help slow down the aging process. 

    Arthritis - No More Pain Oil - I created this formula because I know that you don't have to suffer! There is RELIEF!

    Mary Undoer of Knots Devotional Package - Do you ever find yourself in a situation which "has no exit"? How many times have you run into problems that seem to offer no positive outcome? Mary Undoer of Knots is there for those who seem to have no way out of their situation(s). Her intervention in situations that seem to "have no exit" are miraculous.

    Chi Ro Package of 7 (with blessed salt as our gift) - stock up!  You can never have enough! 

    Catholic & Natural Health Gift Bag - We will include a nice assortment of Sacramental and Natural Health items.

    Cook Your Way to Weight Loss - How a Mom of 13 Lost 100 pounds and Found Her Passion to Help Others (one of my books!)

    Sanctum Chrisma-The Smell of Catholicism -I call it "The Smell of Catholicism".  Inspired by the heavenly scent of my 13 babies and 5 grands, after they were freshly baptized.  I remember saying that I wish I could bottle that smell, I finally did

    Holy Water Keychain - Your 3" Holy Water Keychain will come with a vial of Holy Water as our gift and a Holy Card.

    *NEW ITEM Keto Drops  - Currently, our #1 product (tied with the Immune Booster)

    *NEW ITEM Wendy's Thermogenic Fat Burner (Oxyburn) - It's back!

    *NEW ITEM Wendy's Instant Face Lift in a jar - I use it daily.  Tightens everything!

    Colon Cleanse - Very mild, yet effective!

    Immune Booster -I will never be without at least a bottle for each family member!  Has helped us so much!

    Wendy's Parasite Cleanse - It's a great health risk that we all need to be aware of.  My ND and MD friends have said that they have witnessed a dramatic rise in parasitic infection over the years.  Parasite Cleansing is necessary for just about everyone on planet earth!  You can see the video of what two different Doctor's have to say and read

    Crucifix Touched to the True Cross - Touched to the True Cross for you! A certificate of authenticity is included with the package!

    St. Benedict Exorcism Bracelet  - The purpose of using the St Benedict medal is to call down God’s blessing and protection upon us.

    Sinus and Allergy Oil - Child birth seemed like a breeze compared to the torture of my sinuses! Let me tell you...I have had 10 pound that is saying something! was several years ago and I went to the doctor and she said I had a real nasty case of sinusitis.   Being the ever determined herbal mama, I came home and made myself some special Oil for the Sinuses! I knew that I needed to use Essential oils that were stimulating and clearing, as well as antiseptic if I was going to effectively treat my sinus infection.

    Four Thieves Cold and Flu - This formula will help you and your family stay healthy and get sick less often, by providing a topical immunity booster! It is the same therapeutic formulation used in the powerful Four Thieves Spray.

    Four Thieves Spray - A BEST SELLER BECAUSE IT WORKS!

    For your battle against bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses...IDEAL FOR COLD & FLU PREVENTION!

    This formula provides powerful, germ-killing therapeutic grade essential oils for your battle against bacteria, germs, fungi and/or viruses. We suggest using it all year long.

    Medal of Miracles  Many healings, conversions and other miracles have been documented by those who have faithfully worn this

    Pardon Crucifix - Highly Indulgenced! EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE ON THEM AT ALL TIMES! Read WHY, below! Did you know that demons can not stand the sight of a crucifix? They will not approach. The crucifix has great power against satan!...

    The St. Pio package  (see here)

    The St. Dymphna (anxiety, depression) package (see here)

    The St. Peregrine (cancer) package (see here)


    Buy just 1 and the boys will include an additional 1 free (of the same item above). 
    *Offer is good only on the above items
    Offer is only good until 7:00 am (est)  tomorrow (Sunday) -

    (the extra free item will be automatically added)
    Funds go to the Giving Missions which provides for pediatric medical needs as other needs.


    If you donate $99 or more to our Pediatric Giving Mission, I will send you one of our solar powered Sacred Heart of Jesus
    No discount codes as this item costs me a lot of money, and I am paying shipping, as well.
    • SOLAR  - The Sacred Heart of Jesus is powered by God's Sunlight and will automatically turn on at dusk to illuminate the area in memory of your loved one. You can only imagine how peaceful it is to see the Sacred Heart watching over your loved one.
    • LONG LASTING - The Solar powered Sacred Heart of Jesus is made of acrylic to withstand all weather conditions. It will be an everlasting testament of your love that will shine bright for many years to come
    • PERFECT FOR - Cemetery Decorations, Roadside Memorials, and Floral Arrangements. Many also put them in flower beds and gardens (I have one in my main garden)
    • 14" tall x 10" wide and comes with mounting stake
    ***If you can donate anything to help ...I will make sure to send you an awesome gift for your kindness!***

    Head on over here



     Pediatric Giving Missions  donations can now be automatically reoccurring.  We have 15 monthly helpers (up from 14)...we need many more, please pray over it. 

    We will send you a monthly gift package to thank you!
    We will also include you in our daily prayers (we gather as a family, twice a day)

    I have witnessed the toll it takes on the children and their families... not only physically, mentally, and spiritually..but also financially. 

    Parking is not free, filling your car with gas is not free, not everyone gets to stay in a Ronald McDonald House, meals "out" are not free, not being able to work means no money is coming in.

    *** I worked with one of our labs and now the Wendy's Oil (also known as CBD Oil and Hemp Oil)  is 500 mg (up from 250 mg).  You won't have to use as much!  It cost us more, but I am eating the cost difference at the moment.***


    Sign up and Save Get what you need shipped to you monthly.  No worry about running out!  So far we have had folks sign up for monthly shipments of Immune Booster, CBD Oil, Morning Combo, Super Greens, etc

    Point system, earn points and get money off.  Look for it at the bottom right of your screen.  We have over 600 folks who have already signed up!  Come sign up!

    Daily Meditations, Daily Recipes, Daily Encouragement!

    My mission is to give you HOPE by helping you to heal mind, body, and soul. I take a several prong approach..which includes educating. If you would like to join my free group of over 6,300 folks (The Healthy Catholic)..

    I lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off for 8 years...and I also regained my health.

    I started a Facebook group to help others "The Healthy Catholic" (feel free to join, it's free!)

    I also just completed a book called, "Cook Your Way to Weight Loss:  How a Mom of 13 Lost 100 Pounds and Found Her Passion to Help Others".  You can get one here

    ♡ Let 2019 be the year YOU heal...mind, body, and soul!


    Some of the many Testimonial's we receive daily:

    We love your products— my husband with acute kidney failure is using your CBD OIL (aka Wendy's Oil) and is no longer taking the infusion that was being used to force the bone marrow to produce red blood cells— doctors don’t know how it’s working— but it is helping!!
    Thank you for all you’re doing—especially your spiritual guidance, reminders, and prayers.

    "Wendy, I have been using the women's hormone balance and it has helped me tremendously! My periods have lightened and they used to be severely heavy due to a large fibroid. My previously debilitating cramps are almost non existent. The last ultrasound showed my fibroid had shrunk from 7cm to 6.3cm. If i could remember to use the formula more than once a day I'm sure it would shrink even more! I don't plan to have the hysterectomy my doctor suggested now.  Feel free to share this testimonial! Thank you and God Bless, Mary Nichols"

    "I just found your wonderful website. I just wanted to say thank you and God bless you and your family. You are in my prayers at daily Mass. What a wonderful witness you are. May God richly bless you always."Father Michael Sullivan 

    Wendy, I've been using your day and night time facial serums with healthy skin spray. It has probably been about 2 1/2 weeks now! This is a picture of me, no filter, perpetually over caffeinated and under hydrated. Under slept. I don't wear make up so there's no foundation or anything… Before your products I thought I would have to buck up and wear something on my face. So, I will continue to promote your products and use them faithfully. You are definitely guided by the Holy Spirit and that alone makes you my top choice!
    Thank you for everything! Dr. Madeleine Guevara

    Your products are the best!  Have been using them since I got them and I feel so much better.  So glad I found you!  Thanks to you and your family.  Love in Christ Patricia Gartmann

    The quality of the products are beyond compare.I have ordered rosaries, chaplets, other sacramentals, natural remedies and weight loss products over the years. I haven't been disappointed with anything that I have ordered. Delivery time is quick as is their response time if you have a question for them - Denise Tomooka Mantei

    I've been ordering from the Cukierski's for many years & have actually gotten to know Wendy much better this past year. Not only does she sell amazing products that work, she is the "real deal"!!! Such a wonderful & spiritual person!!! I recommend there products. I've never been disappointed with anything that I've purchased. - Jo-Ann Breau

    Dear Wendy, " friend went on to tell me that she had never felt so good in her life (she is taking the Rescue Remedy for depression)"

    "Dear Wendy, I cannot express my gratitude for your outstanding devotion to Our Lord and Our Lady along with the hard work of your precious family. It is an honor, truly, to order from your site. And I have never been disappointed...ever. As a retired criminal attorney - that is saying something which lawyers rarely do! God Bless, Katherine Graham, Esq."

    Since 1995, Wendy Cukierski, a Catholic mother of 13 children, has been sharing and creating ways for people to find wellness and healing of mind, body, and soul.

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of people read her faithfully Catholic spiritual advice, as well as use her all-natural products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals that have been developed with the help of other medical professionals.


    I offer daily prayerful inspiration like this  (usually, all day long) on my personal FB page which is HERE

    We also have our Catholic Apostolate FB page where I share beautiful images of our faith...Great for meditation  You can find that HERE

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