Quick Start Guide For Growing An Inside Salad Garden in 10 Days

    Quick Start Guide For Growing An Inside Salad Garden in 10 Days

    Soak your seeds in a cup for at least 6 hours, I prefer overnight. Make sure the seeds are completely submerged in water.

    I add enough water to moisten 3 cups of garden soil (I buy bagged organic), and then I mix in vermiculite (a few teaspoons) and liquid kelp (see picture, below).  You don't have to do the vermiculite or kelp, I just found it really helps but is not necessary.  Our Indoor Garden Kit contains the perfect mixture.

    Then fold newspaper to serve as covers.  You can also use paper towels or other paper.

    Soak your folded newspaper, but not for long...just a minute or two.

    Grab your disposable bread tins.  I do 3 at a time.

    Fill each tin with about a cup of soil.  Our Indoor Garden Kit contains the perfect amount for 3 tins.  My lovely daughter, Wellsley Christine, always assists me.

    Drain water from the seeds with a fine mesh strainer.

    Spread moistened seeds over the top of the soil so that they touch but do not overlap each other.

    Lightly spray the entire surface with the Kelp fertilizer (you do not have to, but it helps greatly with growth). It is included in our Indoor Garden Kit.

    Press the soaked newspaper into the tray, covering the seeds.  Make sure it is in contact with the seed.

    Put the tins in a warm, dark place for 4 days.  I use my office bathroom cupboard.

    On day 5 remove newspaper cover,lightly water the tin and place on a well lit windowsill.  I use a shelf in my back office...we call that part of my office the "Green Room" because I am always growing things out there.

    Once a day water with a few tablespoons of water.  You need to keep them moist, not drenched.

    After 3-4 days of growth, harvest your shoots with scissors.  They keep well in the refrigerator, but I like to harvest them fresh.




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