Put Your Spouse First

    Putting each other first has paid dividends in our marriage and in our family.

    When I crumble, he is there to put the zillion pieces back together.

    When he is stressed, or concerned about something...I'm there to calm and reassure him.

    Do we have our spats? Oh my, yes!

    The key? We don't let things "fester".

    No silent treatment (okay, maybe I've pulled that before...I've matured).

    We talk it out and we sometimes just agree to disagree.🤣

    Our disagreements always end in a hug and a kiss...true story.

    Our kids are like...we just saw you arguing and now you're hugging??? Lol!

    They see that you can disagree, yet love each other deeply.

    Our greatest lessons to our children are things observed.♡

    As always, our entire family is here to give you hope & encouragement!  We truly love you and pray for you daily!  Never hesitate to send me a prayer request!

    Sending our love and prayers to our remnant family...Wendy & Walt and family

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