My list of items to have on hand ASAP

    #1 Don't buy something you know your family won't eat just because it is on the list.

    #2 I had a very large Catholic group about two decades ago, it was called Days of Noah (some of you may remember it).
         I stressed the fact that the very young and the very old would sometimes rather die than eat something they didn't like.
         I had a few folks get nasty with me and tell me that if someone is hungry enough, they will eat anything.  Not true for the very old and the very young...there are studies and I will see if I can pull them up again.

    #3  Before anyone points it out to me, this is not a "health" listing of foods.  It is food that will keep you alive and lasts without refrigeration.

    #4  This list is nowhere near complete, but I wanted to get you started, and didn't want to overwhelm you.


    (not a complete list, but a great start)

    Rice (White rice stores longest)
    Pasta (My Grandma McNamara used to take hers out of the box and store it in glass jars with a top to keep the critters out)
    Dried Beans
    Canned Vegetables
    Canned Fruit
    Canned Meat
    Canned Fish
    Canned Soups & Meals
    Distilled White Vinegar (Lasts forever and many uses)
    Peanut Butter
    Honey (Lasts forever and is also good for wound care)
    Baking Soda & Powder
    Drink Mixes (and something like Gatorade for electrolytes.  Yes, there are other options but we may not have too many options in the near future)
    Herbs & Spices
    First Aid type of supplies
    Supplements (Vitamins, tinctures, etc )
    OTC Medications (Benadryl, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Imodium, MiraLax, Sudafed etc)
    Prescription Medications -if possible
    Toiletries (Shampoo, Toothbrushes, razors, etc)
    Pets - Don't forget their needs
    Treats (Candy) - Now, don't get too crazy on me.  A chocolate bar can bring a sense of "normalcy" to an emergency situation.  A well timed chocolate bar is not going to kill your immune system.
    Cooking Oil (I keep Olive, Coconut, and Peanut oil for frying)
    Jam or Jelly
    Ramen (not the healthiest, but my kids love it and I made plenty of it in college)
    Paper products: Toilet paper, Paper towel, Diapers, Feminine hygiene products, etc

    Aluminum foil, ziplock bags
    Duct tape. Super Glue (it can also close wounds)
    Tarps & Plastic Sheeting (we use them over our outside wood pile, we have used it to cover a broken window, etc)
    Batteries (generally their shelf life is about 10 years)
    Soap & other cleaning products
    Can Opener (manual, have at least 2)
    Candle & Flashlight
    Sewing Supplies
    Lighter & Matches
    SEEDS (and learn how to grow them!  I show you how to garden INSIDE here 
    Clothing (socks, underwear, coat, boots etc)
    Bouillon cubes.  You can add canned chicken and canned veggies and make a half way decent soup

    Pax Christi, Walt & Wendy and the entire Cukierski family

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