My embarrassing and horrifying story

    ***Listen to the audio, below***

    Everything that has happened to you is part of your story.

    Sharing your story matters. You can use it...even if it's embarrassing or horrifying at help & inspire others.

    Most of you know bits and pieces of my story, but only my closest friends know everything.

    From losing over 100 pounds to keeping it off for almost 8 years, from healing a deadly disease because I was petrified of a life in a wheelchair (I couldn't feel my legs to walk at one point) to now helping others heal, from holding my lifeless unborn baby in my hands after an auto accident-to trusting God for future pregnancies, from dealing with severe anxiety to being rather "chill", from leaving my body while hemorrhaging to having no fear of death, from home educating 13 children while being attacked to now seeing the fruit of our unrelenting dedication, from leaving the faith to being on fire to help others find their way back to Holy Mother Church, from having remorse over not completing my MD to having helped thousands heal through what I do now as a health care product developer, from being flat broke to being able to help pay for pediatric needs through our Giving Missions....and that's only a small part of my story.

    With God's grace (and mercy) I have overcome almost every obstacle...YOU can, too! There is always hope, my friends.

    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

    "Healing Mind, Body & Soul"



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