Let God Declutter Your Life

    The following is from our "real life" friend, Fr. Bill Peckman.  

    Absolutely wonderful advice!


    Those who know me, know I hate clutter. Over the course of my years of ministry, though, I have had to go into homes of hoarders. It makes me uncomfortable...but since comfort is not a determining factor of where I go as a priest, I go anyway. I wonder why people hold onto garbage to such a point. I wonder how people can allow it to limit their mobility in their house and leave little room for themselves or others. A lot of people do this with their souls...their souls can be like a hoarder's house.

    We clutter our lives with things that limit our mobility mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically.

    Piled about our souls are stifling stacks of addictions to sin held onto for dear life, piles of grudges and fury which stifle our ability to love and trust, stacks of mindless frivolities that distract us from the hoarding, and age old stacks of scars, abuse, and sorrow that we allow to identify us. The piles of spiritual hoarding leave us limited. They define us. They weigh us down like an iron cross.

    Anyone who knows a hoarder knows the belligerence and fear they can exhibit when challenged to declutter. They need everything! They have excuse after excuse to hold onto what limits them. We can have the same reaction when we are challenged to spiritual reform. We make excuses for our addictions, grudges, wrath, and sin. How can we live without them?

    How will I live without my addiction to substances, food, porn, opiods, electronic devices, entertainment, sports, or whatever else I allow to dictate my life?

    How will I live without my grudges, anger, desire for revenge, or overly cautious approach to charity?

    How will I identify myself if I lay aside the identity formed by these things?

    How will I now relate to those around me free of these chains...free of the clutter?

    Fear of the unknown can be greater than hatred of the known.

    Yet, Christ came to free us from such things...to declutter our houses of hoarding. He offers His grace and mercy, especially through the sacramental life of the Church, to help exorcise from our souls that which weighs us down.

    As we enter a new year, what have you held onto like a hoarder that you need purged from your life? Addiction? Grudges? Selfishness? Fear? Favored sins?

    Let 2020 be the year you allow God in to declutter your soul so that there is enough room for you, others, and God. It will hurt a bit. You will want to make excuses. But, trust that what God wants for you is greater than anything you can want for yourself. As I said in the homily for Christmas, allow God to upend your life!

    Prayers for a great 2020.


    Let us kindly offer up a Hail Mary for Fr. Bill.

    I made a short recording for you, below.

    Love and blessings...Your sister in Christ, Wendy


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