Jesus hung with sinners...BUT

January 07, 2020

About 5 years ago, a very close family member texted me (not my kids or anything) that Jesus liked to hang with prostitutes and drunks, not people like me

I said...very true!'s the thing, Jesus did not want them to stay in sin.

By the time He was done with them, they were no longer prostitutes and drunks!

He told them to go and sin no more!

He didn't say, "Hey, you sinners are way more fun!"  Absolutely not!

Jesus came to transform us not indulge us!  

Being Catholic is about surrendering our lower nature, surrendering comfort.

We are here to align ourselves to HIS standard, not trying to have Him align to ours!

This is about eternity folks

God is calling us to ascend, not descend!

I made you a short and heartfelt recording, below.

Love and blessings..Your sister in Christ, Wendy

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