I was called a murderer?!

    I was called a murderer?!

    Dear family,

    I had a lady email me and call me a murderer because we had to put down our almost 13 year old sweet (but suffering) dog.

    It STUNG.

    He couldn't walk, his organs were shutting down and he was crying in pain.

    What folks need to understand is that animals can not partake in redemptive suffering..they just "suffer".

    It is cruel to let them suffer.

    So ..what is redemptive suffering?

    Human (not animal) suffering ... when accepted and offered up in union with the Passion of Jesus...can remit the just punishment for one's sins or for the sins of another, or for the other physical or spiritual needs of oneself or another.

    Your pet can't do that!

    What we did for our beloved dog was to show him compassion and mercy by letting him suffer no more.

    As a society, we have blurred the line between human vs. pet.

    We love them dearly, but they are not furry little humans ♡

    RIP, Grant...you were a good ol' boy ♡
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