I have always wondered why Jesus wept?

    I have always wondered why Jesus wept?

    I have always wondered why..in John 11... it said Jesus wept??

    The weeping was over Jesus' friend Lazarus. I always thought...hmmmm..why are you weeping... you knew you were going to raise him up?

    Then it hit me... Jesus wept because He knew that even after He raised Lazarus he would eventually die again.

    Death was not God's original plan. Satan is the one who brought sin and death into our world!

    I'm not a theologian..but the thought that perhaps Jesus was also weeping because of the sorrow our family and friends would experience when we died?

    God the Father will raise us up...no doubt... but what about those who did not follow His plan for salvation or those who outright denied Him...they who will never recover from death??? Maybe Jesus wept for that as well.

    I don't know..it's just a thought..but..I do know I'll do all I can to keep Jesus from weeping ♡


    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

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