Daily Encouragement & Specials- May 24th, 2022

    Daily Encouragement & Specials- May 24th, 2022

    Dear family,

    In need of healing?

    Ask St. Giuseppe Moscati to intercede!

    He was a Saint, doctor, and miracle worker who treated thousands during his lifetime.

    Now that he has gone on to his heavenly reward, he is on call 24/7 and works amazing cures on a regular basis ♡
    Prayer to ask for his intercession, below!

    Lastly, congratulations to the Hydroponic Garden System winners:  Kathleen Burton, M.J. White, and Christine Buonpane.

    You can now receive one for a donation to the Pediatric Giving Mission, SEE BELOW
    As always, our entire family is here to give you hope & encouragement! We truly love you and pray for you daily! Never hesitate to send a prayer request!

    Sending our love and prayers to our remnant family...Wendy, Walt and the entire Cukierski family

    (PS:  Catholic Spiritual Guidance Lessons for you, featuring writings from Rev. Fr. Kilian McGowan
    It's a spiritual lifesaver and you can read more HERE )


    Your orders help us to help others....so, God bless you!

    Just use the code : PREPARE30
    and it will take 30% off your entire order.

    Good until TOMORROW (Wednesday) at NOON (eastern time)

    Head here



     I received this email a bit back and it was a real eye opener...

    "Wendy just to let you know that with the coronavirus alerts some Catholic YouTube channels are circulating some natural medicines that the Virgin Mary and the saints have provided for us in different messages. One is called the "oil of the good Samaritan " it is for strengthen the immune system. I looked at the ingredients and happy surprised are the same ingredients that you have for your flu and cold oil...  I have your little bottle and I read twice the ingredients like wow I already have the good Samaritan oil that the Virgin Mary recommended. Now I am using it daily."

    I will send a bottle for FREE to anyone
    who places an order or help with Pediatric Giving Missions
    (*Will be automatically added)
    Minimum $39 order or Giving Missions help. 

    You can get additional HERE


    HYDROPONIC GARDEN SYSTEM is now available for a donation to Pediatric Giving Mission

    For a donation of $250 or more, we will get yours right out...along with seeds!

    Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Smart Garden

    Those who help with the Pediatric Giving Mission  with a $250 or more donation, will receive one.

    Offer good until we run out of systems!

    • Hydroponics Growing System: Designed with quiet water-pump circulation system. Plants in hydroponics grow 20% - 50% faster than in soil. No mess, No season limitation. Fits anywhere!
    • Height-Adjustable Hydroponics System: The height of the lighting part of the hydroponics growing system can be adjusted for plants at different growth stages.
    • I will include everything you need, including seeds.  All you need is an electrical outlet & water! Very Easy!
    • Btw, there are food shortages and my sources say that after August they will become significantly worse.
    • During the lockdowns, we ate fresh salad in the middle of the winter and I even grew cherry tomatoes on the kitchen counter! 
    • If you are on FaceBook, you saw the great amount of produce I was able to grow on my kitchen counter in the middle of a cold and snowy winter!



    Prayer to Saint Guiseppe Moscati
    O Saint Joseph Moscati,
    doctor with a huge heart,
    in the exercise of your profession
    you cured the body and spirit of your patients,
    turn towards us too who now run to you
    with faith in your intercession.
    Give us physical and spiritual health,
    so that we can serve our brothers
    with generosity.
    Alleviate the pain of those that suffer,
    give comfort to the sick,
    consolation to the afflicted,
    and hope to the hopeless.
    Make that the sick might encounter
    doctors like you: human and Christian.
    The youth find in you a model of life,
    the workers, an example, the old, comfort,
    and the dying, hope in eternal salvation.
    Be for all of us a sure guide:
    teach us to work with serenity,
    honesty and charity,
    to be able to complete in a Christian way
    our everyday tasks.
    Our Father….
    Hail Mary….
    Glory Be…
    Lord thou great physician, we kneel before thee. Since every good and perfect gift must come from thee, we pray: Give skill to our hands, clear vision to our minds, kindness and sympathy to our hearts. Give us singleness of purpose, strength to lift at least part of the burden of our suffering fellowmen, and a true realization of the rare privilege that is ours. Take from our hearts all guile and worldliness, that with the simple faith of a child, we may rely on thee.
    St. Giuseppe Moscati, Pray for Us!
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