Daily Encouragement & Specials- Giving away God's money, again!

    Daily Encouragement & Specials- Giving away God's money, again!


    Dear family,

    I felt very called to do this again.
    --------------Newsletter from my birthday on October 28th--------------


    It was January 2003 and my husband left his job to help me with my business and apostolate/ministry...and eventually other business ventures.


    If that wasn't scary enough, I was pregnant for our 9th child and we barely scraped up enough money to keep the health insurance.


    Everyone thought we were crazy.


    We didn't bother to tell anyone that after much prayer, I felt an urgent need for Walt to cash out his 401K and buy all the silver he could get his hands on.


    Yes, he thought I was nuts but he knew I had been praying for Gods direction.


    PS: God DOES speak to you during Adoration!


    We strapped all our babies into car seats, booster seats...all the seats..lol!


    For several weeks we traveled all over the state...stopping at every coin shop.


    It was a big family adventure...though a bit scary.


    What if I heard God wrong?


    The words "Have faith, you heard correctly" kept resonating in my head.




    I will zip on through to the good part...I DID HEAR OUR LORD CORRECTLY!


    A few years later, silver went crazy and we were able to cash it in and pay off a ton of debt!


    This allowed us to eventually buy this beautiful farm on sacred and holy ground (One of the first Jesuit Mission sites to the Indians).


    I am reminded of the tree that Zacchaeus climbed...God knew well beforehand that he would need it!


    Our Lord will guide our steps if only we listen.



    Sending our love and prayers to our remnant family...Wendy, Walt and the entire Cukierski family

    (PS:  Catholic Spiritual Guidance Lessons for you, featuring writings from Rev. Fr. Kilian McGowan
    It's a spiritual lifesaver and you can read more HERE )

    Walt asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told him
    Once again, he looked at me like I was crazy..lol!
    He ended up going with it when I explained that I had been praying and once again felt The Lord nudging me.
    In September, I bought each of our children "silver for their stocking" (and a big warm blanket).
    Silver IS going to soar again and besides...I'm a rather practical gift giver :)
    All that being said..this is how you can get a piece of my birthday gift from Walt:


    Orders or Pediatric Giving Mission help qualify as follows:
    $49 or more will receive ONE SILVER COIN
    $99 or more will receive TWO SILVER COINS
    $149 or more will receive THREE SILVER COINS
    $199 or more will receive FOUR SILVER COINS
    $249 or more will receive FIVE SILVER COINS
    $299 or more will receive SIX SILVER COINS
    $349 or more will receive SEVEN SILVER COINS
    $399 or more will receive EIGHT SILVER COINS
    $449 or more will receive NINE SILVER COINS
    $499 or more will receive TEN SILVER COINS
    $999 or more will receive TWENTY SILVER COINS
    The coin(s) will be automatically added and will not reflect in cart.
    Shipping does not count as part of total.
    Offer not good on Fundraiser, Masses, or Memorials
    Offer good until tomorrow (Tuesday) at NOON







    Choose your gift for your help with the Pediatric Giving Mission!







    For the living:

    THIS is for the LIVING! Forever DAILY Mass and Prayer!

    For your mom, dad, sibling, grandparent, favorite Aunt or Uncle, dear cousin, niece, nephew, friend, spouse, a child away from the faith...or even yourself!

    Lined up the priests, created the page, instructed my children (who will instruct the grandchildren, etc) that THIS is a FOREVER thing!

    Shoot, I want MY SOUL prayed for, for all of eternity (and my children's and hubby)!

    Something about being in my 50's has really "woke me up" about eternity...and the eternity of all of my children.

    Head HERE




    For the souls of those who have passed:



    What if I told you, you could have a Mass offered for a loved ones soul...daily, FOREVER

    We have left directives for our children... to continue this, then our grandchildren will take over!

    Masses celebrated for the release of a loved one possibly in Purgatory... as recommended by Pope Saint Gregory the Great!

    What if I told you that your loved ones soul would be prayed for by a devout Catholic family...DAILY.

    What if I told you that we have a Nun praying for these souls?

    How is this possible? See THIS page


    You can honor your mom, dad, sibling, grandparent, favorite Aunt or Uncle, dear cousin, niece, nephew, a child you may have lost or a dear friend who has passed.
    We give you the opportunity to honor a loved one while helping to support the Pediatric Giving Mission
    This special page will remain up on our website forever.
    ***Your loved one will also have a Mass offered for their soul DAILY and will be in our daily family prayers***

    Head HERE



    -----From a physician we help...he sees to the medical needs of children no one else seems to be able to help ❤️-----





    We do what we say we do!

    I am begging for your help with The Pediatric Giving Mission.
    We will send you a gift for your help. 
    ---Some of the many wee ones we've helped---

    ---HELP IF YOU CAN----

    Here is a post, from a recipient of what we do,.

    L**** and I were one of the precipitants of This mission. She is right. My parking was 9 per day for 3 months. Then on top of that food cost me approximately 15 per day. That was cheap - I got vouchers for $5.00 per meal. So somedays I did not eat or made meals last for more then one meal. Had to. Parking was $810. Food was $1,300. Then you have normal household bills and I have 3 animals I had to pay to have people come and take care of them. At first I had my dog in the Kennel for 1/2 the time. That was about 500. It is VERY expensive to have a sick child. That was Just ONE hospital stay. We have had numerous ones. Some only a few days, some a week or two. Without their help we would of gone fully under!

    From providing necessary funds to actually having families stay with us...we DO what we say we do!

     Kindly, head HERE.  We always send a nice gift for your help




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