Daily Encouragement & Specials- April 29th, 2022

April 29, 2022

Daily Encouragement & Specials- April 29th, 2022

Dear family,

I thought I would try something new to help raise funds for the Pediatric Giving Mission.

Each Friday (if it goes over ok), I will offer three expensive items for just .99 cents!
FAR below what we paid, but we need to keep funds coming in for the children we help.

Here are this Friday's Flash Specials :

Anti-Aging Supplement

Regularly $, just .99 cents!

Large Arcrylic Wine Glass with lid

Regularly $, just .99 cents!

Portable Commando Cooker

Regularly $, just .99 cents!

Act quickly, as there are very limited quantities.
It will say "Sold Out" when we run out



As always, our entire family is here to give you hope & encouragement! We truly love you and pray for you daily! Never hesitate to send a prayer request!

Sending our love and prayers to our remnant family...Wendy, Walt and the entire Cukierski family

(PS:  Catholic Spiritual Guidance Lessons for you, featuring writings from Rev. Fr. Kilian McGowan
It's a spiritual lifesaver and you can read more HERE )

Update: We were blessed to have someone match the gift!

That being said, I have one more 1st class relic in a reliquary that I will part with as Walt is writing checks and buying gas and grocery gift cards this weekend for the many families we help through the Pediatric Giving Mission.

I have a $1,500 Matching Gift for the Pediatric Giving Mission

Who is the donor?

One of my adult children who has asked to remain anonymous... his name begins with "W" (all of my kid's names start with "W"")

I'm sure he will probably donate the full $1,500 regardless, because he has a huge heart and has helped with these families.

That being said...I will donate one of my 1st class relics to anyone who will match his donation.

I will contact you via email.

Everyone who donates (any amount) will receive a gift package.

Every month I sweat bullets and pray without ceasing.


(..and I sincerely thank you from the heart. I NEVER want to have to turn any family with a sick child away)