Daily Encouragement & Specials- April 25th, 2022

    Daily Encouragement & Specials- April 25th, 2022

    Dear family,

    Here are the thoughts I presented to Mom and Dad back in the beginning of March.
    The Three Days of Darkness is 72 hours and we have some 72 hour emergency food kits.

    I thought a good idea to help people would be to give away a free Three Days of Darkness Package with every 72 hour food kit.

    We did this back on March 11th and it sold out. Dad was able to get a couple dozen more kits, but at a much higher price because all prices are rising on everything. Mom said not to raise the price.

    It is only good for the USA because of postage cost and plus, we will not be making any money on this to begin with.

    Order a 72 Hour Food Kit and Get a Free Three Days of Darkness Kit
    The free kit will not show up in your cart, but my brothers and I will automatically include it.
    Mom put up a free book for you about this, below.

    Thanks and God bless, Wade Samuel Cukierski

    A book by a devout priest re: The Three Days of Darkness...
    I put it up for YOU and this book is FREE to read right now!


    You will see that this book by Fr. Hebert sounds very much like our current world situation.


    Fr. Albert J. Hebert received the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, which means the book is free of doctrinal and moral error.


    The objective of this book is not to instill fear, but to alert you to such a situation.

    FREE to read right now!


    As always, our entire family is here to give you hope & encouragement! We truly love you and pray for you daily! Never hesitate to send a prayer request!

    Sending our love and prayers to our remnant family...Wendy, Walt and the entire Cukierski family

    (PS:  Catholic Spiritual Guidance Lessons for you, featuring writings from Rev. Fr. Kilian McGowan
    It's a spiritual lifesaver and you can read more HERE

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