Be Not Afraid, Put on Your Armor!

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You WILL go through tests and attacks.  Consider it affirmation that you are on the right path!  Stay strong my not afraid!

Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

"Healing Mind, Body & Soul"


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Thank you Wendy! So true! We have seen almost all the big, faithful homeschooling families fall apart in our large parish. It is so sad and scary. You just know they were targeted and it makes us feel lonely there! But we will definitely not give up, even if we have to stand alone!
We did have 2 amazing sermons at the tiny parish near where we live the last 2 Sundays, in regards to the Church scandals. I would like to send them to you. I was shedding tears of appreciation and joy for the Saints who rose up in times like these throughout history and for knowing we were born for such a time as this!

God bless you and your special family!
A fellow mother of a large homeschooling family

Posted by Leslie Hanson on September 01, 2018

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