As I grow old and grey...

    I apologize ahead of time for crying during this short recording.

    I was overcome with emotion(s).

    Here's the poem I wrote Walt today and tried to read to you before losing my composure:

    As I grow old and grey and want to weep,
    And would rather lose myself in a book,
    It is then he gives me that understanding and loving look,
    I realize how much he loves me and just how deep.

    He is attentive to my feelings of sadness and happiness... whatever the case,
    And loves me inside and out
    He is the one man who has always loved the restless, searching soul in me... never a doubt,
    And even still loves every crevice of my aging face

    And bending down to kiss beneath the evening stars,
    Whispers "I love you forever, from before we wed and even after I'm dead"
    And together we walk into the evening of our lives with stars overhead,
    And we hide our faces in the chilly night embrace... walking into the evening of our lives... one day to be among those very stars ♡

    I love you for all eternity, Walt ♡


    Remember, Our Creator loves you this much and MORE!

    Love and blessings, Wendy


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