A Short Healing Meditation

    This short meditation made me weep when I first read it.

    It was composed by our friend, Fr. Scott Brossart and I asked him if I could make a prayer card out of it and he gave me permission.

    Here is the meditation.  I also recorded it for you, below.


    Go in prayer right now.

    Close your eyes and go to the foot of the Cross.

    Literally see yourself kneeling at His feet... take your hands and place them on the nail and let His Blood cover your hands and then give Him all of your anger, all the darkness... all that disturbs you. 

    Ask Him to take His Hand off the Cross and to place it on the top of your head.

    You will see the hole in His Hand with Blood dripping as He places it upon you with His Peace.

    Let His Light penetrate your soul and fill you where the darkness once was within you and flood your soul with His Light and Peace.

    Do this every single time you get disturbed by anyone or anything.


    You can get the prayer card HERE

    Love and blessings...Your Sister in Christ, Wendy

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