Fear of being a loser

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One of my deepest fears, throughout my life, has been that I was inadequate...."less Photo: The "Set Me Free Prayer" Over achievers who fear failure, unite (and pray!) www.cukierski.comthan".


I remember taking a professional personality trait test once and it really nailed it.    


I was "the achiever"...but...only due to fear of failure!     

Fear of failure is what drove me (drove me fairly insane, honestly!)       


Fear of failure can do to you exactly what it was doing to me.  It was preventing me from truly experiencing God's love and grace.  I was more concerned with being a loser!




 Definition: A worrisome concern about a possibly unsuccessful performance or endeavor. Fear of failure is often born of pride; it's fear of what others will think, fear of embarrassment, fear of being ashamed.  

1. Fear of failure comes from a lack of faith, which actually causes failure; for only faith succeeds.


I still battle it at times and I'm sure some of you might as well.  I deal with it from a different place now.


We are all children of God...we are all temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)  That alone makes us "not losers"!


We need to do our best at what God has called us to do and then detach ourselves from the result by giving it over to HIM!  Only faith succeeds :)

May God bless you my dear family!  Love and blessings, Wendy C.

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Your family impresses me most and thanks for your spiritual and moral support to the underprivilledged. I thank you for choosing Mother Theressa as your model ; you realy do what the famous mother used to do on earth.

you mean alot to my life.

Posted by fotina katopola on October 11, 2013

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