I'm not good enough...nope, I'm not

    A common theme I see in some of the emails I've been getting has been the "I'm not good enough" factor.  It can be tempting to think we are not as talented or as smart as someone else.  That comparing stuff is for the birds and I'll tell you why.

    As long as we carry that negativity around, we will believe it.  Yes, I know life is not all rainbows and unicorns..God never said it would be. 

    Yes, there will always be someone smarter or more talented in a certain area.  BUT...all of us have a mission to carry out.

    We get so caught up in everything we think we are "not" that we fail to realize WHO exists within us...the Holy Spirit! 1 Corinthians 6:19

    Each of us has a unique and special part to play in this world.  We each have something only "we" can offer. 
    There are not two of us alike and God did that for a reason!

    Now, I will admit that some of us had an advantage. We had parents and/or grandparents who believed in us.  They told us how smart we were, that we could succeed and even if at times we didn't believe it, we did.

    I did have that.  I didn't always believe it..but I had it.  That was a great advantage.

    For those of you who were told otherwise or told nothing at all, I'm telling you that you do have a gift. 

    We sometimes need to forget the past and reprogram ourselves for the future. 
    You are not denying your past..you are just rising above it.

    Know that you are loved, know that your past does not define you, know that you have a gift (even if not yet discovered), know that the Holy Spirit resides in you and know that with Faith you can move mountains (Matthew 17:20)! 


    May God bless you ..you are like family to me! 

    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

    "Mom of 13"  - Your Mommy Health and Happiness Practitioner!






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