What is God's Will for your life?

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 Making ourselves open to doing God's will...that's what it's all about.  God will sometimes allow decades and  decades -sometimes even half a century -  to go by before He fully prepares us for a certain calling.
 I've known women in their 50's and 60's who weren't prepared for their "calling" until that late in life.  One became a nun, one became a doctor, etc.


 I suppose certain vessels take longer than others to prepare.  That's how it is/was in my case.  I'm sure I'm not alone.  My first calling has been that of wife and mother..and always will be...but...my "now the kids are out of diapers" calling is that of helping others heal.


We must all pray that we be used.  That our hands, feet and intellect be used to the Glory of God.  We must empty ourselves to serve a higher purpose.


I must admit I was a bit nervous when I knew with every fiber of my being that the Lord was changing things up.  There was no doubt that He was calling me to use my knowledge and love of natural medicine.  It's what I live and breathe...It's my passion.


I think we should all be ready to do His Will and not afraid of what others may think of those changes.   It's easier said than done...but it can be done.  :)


We also need to be less concerned about our own "readiness" and more aware of His timing.  God's timing is always perfect.   


Are we willing to just do and trust?  Pray and surrender.  Do not be afraid. 


Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

"Healing Mind, Body & Soul"






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Wendy, some (including my priest) think I may be a good priest or deacon, but being over 40, I don’t know how to reconcile my career in computers with a career in the arts which I felt the Lord tell me through signal graces to do so. I certainly can do things for the Church (like film stuff for them, etc., help them with computer stuff, etc.) but I don’t know if my will is more that or what they think it is? My priest says it’s a sign if people are telling me I should be clergy, even be clergy while still doing the art and computer stuff. Not sure if i’d have time to do that for the glory of God. I do pray that I can affect the entire world at the same time through my works, but whatever His will is. I do know I’m not very knowledgeable and am a bit clumsy and nervous when it comes to talking to a vast amount of people at the same time. I have prayed on it, but nothing has truly come about that, just fleeting moments of wishing I could live out my life in a monastery, here and there. lol

Posted by Tester on February 12, 2016

Wendy,I love to read your inspirational messages! This one I felt compelled to answer because I am experiencing this major change right before my eyes." Discernment" is an ongoing experience throughout life for all kinds of vocations. Three lessons I’ve experienced; A crisis in loss brought me back( after being away for over 20 years)to the Catholic faith 5 years ago after the passing of my 15yr estranged rapport with my father. I went from 0-60mph in those 5 years;daily mass with the Sacraments, I became Eucharistic minister, a 3rd Order Lay Carmelite, returned to Seminary school in Boston for a Masters in Ministry to pursue hospital/hospice chaplaincy in my field of healthcare as a 30 year psychotherapist-social worker..and God who loves to give graces and humorous surprises around the corner, shifted all of this in the past two years to a vocational calling now to religious life as a cloistered nun…l’m single, now in my late 50’s, pursuing a late vocation to the Visitation Order in France where my family lives. I took care of my mother who had Alzheimers and died of Cancer a year ago..now freeing me up to pursue Monastic life where ever God is steering me through the wonderful pastoral support of my Spiritual Director and my parish. My parents and St Therese my patron saint have all been interceeding on my behalf. God the Father planned this long before I was ’ knitted in the womb’. The second thing I’ve learned that NOTHING is impossible with God as long as you put him first and TRUST him, surrendering your ’Fiat’as did our Blessed Mother as His Will be done to be where you need to be; and the third thing is; this is always in God’s time, not mine- and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, be patient and’ do not be afraid’ because Our Lord will lead you in the dance…Wendy, may God bless your continued ministry and your beautiful family! Cheryl

Posted by Cheryl N. on February 12, 2016

Patiently waiting in the Hallway of life For THAT door to open . Praying For and With others . God Bless you And Thank you all for all you do for others .

Posted by Theodore Skibinski on February 12, 2016

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