Do you wish you were someone else?

    I was on the phone with a friend the other day and she said, "Are you pacing as we talk?  I wish I had your energy..I'm flat out jealous"  

    I admitted to the pacing as my cell phone was going in and out (the bad reception gave me

    I found her comment rather ironic because earlier in the day I was watching my 4 year old (baby #13) whiz around the house and thought..
    "Geez, I wish I had as much energy as he does!"

    I'm no different than anyone else...I have to combat my "I wish I were like them" syndrome.

    We all see someone who seems to be doing what we wish we could be doing. 

    Yet, God has created each of us with different energy levels, different talents, different abilities.
    I see some of my friends who can sing beautifully...but...I can't carry a tune...even if you handed it to me in a bucket!

    Some of my friends are "real" doctors and I sometimes feel a bit of "jealousy" creep in (which I squash!) because I wanted to go back to college and become one. 

    I wanted to help people in that way...yet the Lord said...nope..not yet.  
    He wanted me to help heal people in a different way during this season of my life.
    (Although, I did get my PhD. in "Reproduction", Summa cum laude ...just kidding ..but with giving birth to 13 babies, I couldn't resist saying that!)  

    It's true that we may not be able to ever do what our friends do....and we weren't meant to! 

    One thing we can all do is give "love" and "prayer"! 
    Takes no special talent or don't have to finish college to do it... don't even have to be able to read or write!

    St. Paul encouraged the Colossians to pray because it is such a powerful force!(Col 4:2) 
    Prayer combined with out! We're movin' mountains here!

    Let us love and pray for one another...I promise to do so for you (while
    Like I've said before, you are truly like FAMILY to me!   God bless!  Wendy C.

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