Are you pistachio ice cream in a vanilla ice cream world?

    I made an audio of this for you, below.  God bless!
    I have a big heart for those that struggle with depression, anxiety and/or acceptance. 

    I truly feel led by God to be your "cheerleader" and bring a message of hope an
    joy!  Why?  Because I'm no different than you...I "get you"!

    Yet, sometimes I feel like a dish of pistachio ice cream in a world of vanilla ice cream lovers! 
    I don't always fit 

    I know God made me this way.
     Sometimes I"m like "Why, Lord?!"

    I have finally figured out that I don't operate well if I try to be someone I'm not (and you won't either ..just sayin')

    Let me give you an example that maybe you can identify with.

    For years I have admired Michelle Duggar
    (Note:  This blog post was composed prior to the situation with the Duggar's oldest son.  I still admire her for many reasons.)

    She is a mom of a super-size family (like me)...
    she's sweet and passive and soft spoken...

     I've never witnessed her scream or freak out. 
    Yes, yes..I know it's tv..but..somehow I feel she truly isn't a would be so opposite of her personality. many of my friends know..
    Walt called a halt to my "Michelle Duggar" impersonation.. he said it was creeping him out because it wasn't me.

    Yet..I so wanted to be like her...calm, passive, soft spoken...BUT...God has made me anything but

    I have a very strong personality..I'm anything but calm or passive and as much as I try to be
    "soft spoken"'s not in my DNA.
    I asked my husband what word he would use to describe me and he said "passionate". 
    I said, "Safe choice, honey" ;-)

    Bottom line...we all are made "unique".  God gave us certain personality traits, talents and abilities. 
    Some are quiet, some are more's just who we are! 
    I'm finally embracing it! ;-)

    So..if you are pistachio ice pistachio ice cream.  Some people will love you (as they do pistachio ice cream!) and some people will not like you (and I'm now seeing that you can't make people like pistachio ice cream if they hate it..ain't happenin'!)

    Be who God created you to be...use the GIFTS He has given you!  I'm here to cheer you on!
    Together we can change the world :)

    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

    "Healing Mind, Body & Soul"




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