Are you pistachio ice cream in a vanilla ice cream world?

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I made an audio of this for you, below.  God bless!
I have a big heart for those that struggle with depression, anxiety and/or acceptance. 

I truly feel led by God to be your "cheerleader" and bring a message of hope an
joy!  Why?  Because I'm no different than you...I "get you"!

Yet, sometimes I feel like a dish of pistachio ice cream in a world of vanilla ice cream lovers! 
I don't always fit 

I know God made me this way.
 Sometimes I"m like "Why, Lord?!"

I have finally figured out that I don't operate well if I try to be someone I'm not (and you won't either ..just sayin')

Let me give you an example that maybe you can identify with.

For years I have admired Michelle Duggar
(Note:  This blog post was composed prior to the situation with the Duggar's oldest son.  I still admire her for many reasons.)

She is a mom of a super-size family (like me)...
she's sweet and passive and soft spoken...

 I've never witnessed her scream or freak out. 
Yes, yes..I know it's tv..but..somehow I feel she truly isn't a would be so opposite of her personality. many of my friends know..
Walt called a halt to my "Michelle Duggar" impersonation.. he said it was creeping him out because it wasn't me.

Yet..I so wanted to be like her...calm, passive, soft spoken...BUT...God has made me anything but

I have a very strong personality..I'm anything but calm or passive and as much as I try to be
"soft spoken"'s not in my DNA.
I asked my husband what word he would use to describe me and he said "passionate". 
I said, "Safe choice, honey" ;-)

Bottom line...we all are made "unique".  God gave us certain personality traits, talents and abilities. 
Some are quiet, some are more's just who we are! 
I'm finally embracing it! ;-)

So..if you are pistachio ice pistachio ice cream.  Some people will love you (as they do pistachio ice cream!) and some people will not like you (and I'm now seeing that you can't make people like pistachio ice cream if they hate it..ain't happenin'!)

Be who God created you to be...use the GIFTS He has given you!  I'm here to cheer you on!
Together we can change the world :)

Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

"Healing Mind, Body & Soul"




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Hi Wendy, that was a powerful article you wrote, I have to say for the most part of my life acceptance came easy to me, I lived my life the way I wanted and I had the most wonderful parents to guide me along and I guess that is where it all starts in the home. Then, when we do go out into the world I was better able to handle myself and the people that had to be dealt with from day to day, and then the real test comes and our parents have passed away and now I feel like an orphan, but that is life, complete circle and one day we will all meet again. I do have to say though, I always avoided loud people, and that being said, I love my neighbor as myself and would not hurt them, only help, that is what life is all about, the loving caring and sharing but you will not find many if any loud people in my circle of friends,, especially, since I have got older, I pick and choose wisely and we could go on and on, it takes all kinds to make the world go round and I can’t help but that beautiful piece of poetry Desiderata comes to mind,that says it all, you certainly do have to be prepared to face this world on your own some day but with God for us who can be against us, Blessings to all Carol-ann

Posted by Carol-ann Yetman on March 27, 2017

Hi; I like myself ,but its my sibblings that dont really accept me. I just want to be loved.

Posted by rhonda pudwill on November 13, 2016

I found your article in a time that I am struggling to understand my teenage daughter. She looks so much like me but her personality and the things she likes are so unlike me. She is different than most teenage girls in what she likes and how she acts and I truely have a hard time relating to her. To know and trust God has a plan for my child brings me hope and comfort as I worry about her being accepted and fitting into this vanilla world.

Posted by Kim on November 06, 2016

Your article was very timely! Yesterday a well meaning coworker advised me not too be so reactive, outspoken in meetings. I told him that I didn’t realize I was perceived this way. I thought I was holding back, so officers I was surprised at his comment. I have tried to be piloted, silent, but it’s just not me. I understand now that I am pistachio overran in a vanilla workplace. Oh well, I guess I should learn that I have a choice. I can listen to my coworker and be vanilla, or be pistachio! IM thinking…..pistachio! Thanks for the encouragement Wendy!

Posted by Ann Marie Aiesi on April 29, 2016

I wouldn’t exactly say pistachio in a vanilla world, but yes, I do struggle to fit in. On that note, I do not understand why people are using my faith as a reason to back away from me and take advantage of me. My faith in God, in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are as strong as it can be, but people look at me and, without even saying anything, they have already judged me.
Thank you for posting this, and may God bless you all. Peace be with you.

Posted by Richard Bester on April 28, 2016

All I can say about this article is LOL and good for you, kiddo. A husband, 13 children and a apostolate to run, you’re aloud to be “loud” sometimes!

Posted by Maggie on April 28, 2016

I’m soft spoken and perceived as calm. Half the time I fog and feel overwhelmed. What some see as serenity can feel like deer in the headlights. Wish I were more like you!

Always admired the louder, more assertive, honest and creative people like yourself. You seem like a blessing to your family and the lives you touch. God bless :)

Posted by Mary on February 02, 2016

Tank you so much for this blog on “feeling unaccepted and like pistachio ice cream.”. These past few days I have been bombarded by depression and feelings of inadequacy. Your words and thoughts have lifted me up and I asked God to bless you for it. Made me feel better. ;-)

Posted by Cookie Clausinf on October 29, 2015

Congratulations for your idea of presenting this áudio. It has a profound mening and in my case, an special efect:
I live in Brazil and I´m trying to do my best to became a fluent English speaker; I feell it is very important these days. I´m not rich,I´m not a charming man, but God gave me the easy learning of foreign languages, a nightmare for may people, mainly in my country. Thank you my Lord for the gifts you gave me!!!

Posted by Mario Moro Fechio on October 26, 2015

Absolutley loved this article…….i literally saw myself as pistachio icecream among vanilla flavoured ones. What rang true is that despite this, accepting myself will lead me to love myself just as i am. Indeed beauty for ashes. It’s not about what others say about me that matters but what i say about myself that does! Thanx Wendy. Love the switch to audios………

Posted by Maria Francesca on March 09, 2015

I am like you too. I’m fifty years old and have tried to stuff away my identity (because it is similar to yours too) with food to cope I guess. And I have become bitter and angry unfortunately because I felt there was something wrong with me. Maybe I’ll look at it as a gift and go from there….carefully.

Posted by Susan on March 09, 2015

This article has me in tears. I have always struggled with accepting myself as is. I have always felt insecure and this always leads me to act out in sinful ways. It is so good to know that I am not alone. Thank you for writing this article. Now I just have to work on accepting myself. If you have a product for that please let me know!! I need all the help I can get. Bless you Wendy!

Posted by Gabrielle on August 27, 2014

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