We are all broken...

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We are all broken..that's a hard fact.

Some of us have been more "broken" than others.   


In our world, we want everyone and everything to be perfect.  We strive to (well, I do..or have) for perfection..I drive myself batty doing so!    


I hear from so many moms who are feeling quite desperate because they feel they are failing to be a good wife and mom.    


So what if the dishes aren't done...I've yet to die from having a lasagna pan hang out for 2 days in the sink.  If I do happen to die suddenly, please have the coroner check for that lasagna pan!

That would be some obituary! 


Seriously, though..we need to quit beating ourselves up.   


Deep down inside, I've always wanted to be as perfect as Jesus' Mother..but..guess what?  "Ain't" happening.  She had a perfect child..and perhaps as much as we wish ours were perfect..they're not.  As individuals, as families...we're all broken in some way..yet beautiful in God's eyes.


Some days I feel like the worlds best mom and wife and other days I feel like my family deserves much better.  Don't wallow in the latter...it will drag you down.  There's no perfect parent..which is great because there is no perfect child (well...Jesus...but..that's a given!)


Compassion with ourselves..and not judgement is a good cure.  It's not a "cruel to be kind" thing...I repeat...we need to quit beating ourselves up.  I'm a pro at beating myself up...I think I'm going to give it up and go into early retirement!


Your compassion and love will be much more potent in changing the world and showing them the light of Christ.  Start with yourself, first!  


I really and truly love you guys!  You are part of my life now...you are my family!  Love and blessings, Wendy C.

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I think brokenness is a beautiful thing in some ways. I am not a mom, but I am a wife. I feel sometimes that I truly screwed up big time! I do strive for perfection, but maybe I do too much.

One of my greatest desires is to adopt. Of course, I would love biological children, but I feel more called to adoption, especially older children like toddlers and older. I have always wanted to see them transform from being broken and scared to being confident. I only hope god will bless us with adopting kids.

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words, and thank you for your website. It is amazing! God bless.


Posted by Christine Olivares on April 24, 2013

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