Some comforting words...



      Some people picture God as a mean old tyrant carrying around a big ol' rod waiting to whack the first person who gets out of line.

    Father Comeskey (may he rest in peace!) once told me that I was forgetting that we have a LOVING GOD.... a kind, gentle,caring God who wants us to spend eternity with Him!  He forever changed the vengeful God I had pictured in my head.  


    When we've turned and headed the wrong way, God is there for us with open arms when we decide to turn back.  He never withdraws His's us who have turned our backs on Him.   


    No matter how far we have strayed, we can always come back.  

    Isn't that comforting? :)  


    Does He seem far from you right now?  I know He has seemed very far from me at several times in my life.  I found it was because I had not fully repented (though I  thought I had) and had not opened my heart to receive His forgiveness and love.   


    You don't have to feel like you've already been assigned to the hottest seat in the filthy pit of hell...all you have to do is confess and be truly sorry!  HE FORGIVES YOU!   


    God Our Father in Heaven wants to receive you with open arms full of love!  (Luke 15:18-24)

     May God bless your day! 
    You are like family and I pray we get to meet one day (on this side of Heaven because I don't plan on crossing over anytime 

    Love and blessings, Wendy C.

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