New Flash:  We're all going to die

    New Flash: We're all going to die

    As a weird Irish Catholic with Benedictine leanings, I love to visit cemeteries and pray. It recently occurred to me that death has authority over all of us while we are here on earth.

    In chapter five of the Benedictine rule is a line that describes the Benedictine approach to death. The line is, “Day by day remind yourself that you are going to die.” The monks believe that we are born so that we may die. This is a totally counter-cultural death is taboo, in America.

    Our culture is in complete denial about the reality and finality of death. We live like it's never going to happen! Trust me...there's a casket with your future name on it. That's why I stress to my children..and anyone who will listen...that what we do here on earth determines our eternity. our culture we can't even talk about death...we worship youth...and despise wisdom.

    We are never satisfied with our life...we always want what is not ours to have... physical immortality.

    WAKE UP! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! Live for God! Know, love and serve HIM so you can spend eternity with HIM ♡

    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

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