Listen to your intuition. It is a nudge from your angel or the Holy Spirit!

October 08, 2015 5 Comments

Today I would like to feature an article from our friends over at Spiritdaily.  It was written by Michael Brown and it absolutely struck me. 
I think mother's have more than their fair share of intuition.  Having had 13 kids, I can attest to the validity of those "feelings". 
That "just have this feeling" and that "I know something is up" has kept me from danger and kept my family from danger on many occasions.
Listen to your intuition.  It is a nudge from your angel or the Holy Spirit!


What is "intuition"?

It's a feeling, an inclination. Often it can be a nudge from an angel, from the Holy Spirit.

As such, it's a higher form of perceiving.

It's not something that can be measured on a standard test for "intelligence."

It's what has propelled many who've succeeded as entrepreneurs or investors or inventors. A hunch, a notion, a sense. It comes to us instantly without conscious reasoning.

Think back at some of your hunches! How many mothers "just got this feeling" when a child was in peril?

You just "knew" something.

Did you pray to deepen the understanding?

At times, it keeps us from danger.

An example came just last week (10/1/15) in that horrible Northwest shooting.

"An Oregon student narrowly missed a massacre that left nine innocent victims dead at her community college -- thanks to 'a weird gut feeling' that stopped her from setting foot on campus on Thursday, she told The New York Post," reported the newspaper.

"Bre Larson, 19, who is studying psychology at Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, had planned to do her homework in the school library at ten a.m. Thursday, when she was struck by a powerful premonition. 'I had planned go to there to make a Power Point presentation for my speech class. It's my favorite place to study. I set my alarm for nine a.m. but I got this weird feeling,' the second-year student said."

A day after that, last Friday (10/2/15), Pope Francis, speaking at St. Marta's House, said about one's guardian angel, "He is always with us! And this is a reality. It's like having God's ambassador with us. And the Lord advises us: 'Respect his presence!' And when we, for example, commit a sin and believe that we're on our own: No, he is there. Show respect for his presence. Listen to his voice because he gives us advice. When we hear that inspiration: 'But do this...this is better... we should not do that.' Listen! Do not go against him. All he asks is that we listen to him and respect him. That's all: respect and listening (to him)."

There are many times when what we want is not what is good for us and many times when a feeling deep within makes no sense but in retrospect. The intuition, like creativity (which also evades academic evaluation), is the place where mind meets spirit. One day we will all be surprised at how many times it led us to those we met and likewise kept us from perils. There are so many!

As another woman told a website devoted to angels: "I will never forget this one day God saved my life. I was very pregnant and I was at the medical clinic getting prenatal care and my husband was supposed to pick me up after and take me home, as he had the car. He never showed and I had no money, no way home, and no one to call for a ride nearly forty miles away. I knew I had to hitchhike. It was pretty terrible being in that position, but I was stuck.

"On my way home, after a couple of rides, God spoke to me through my intuition. A spiritual voice told me, like an angel, 'A man in a white truck is going to come and ask you if you want a ride. Do not get in.' I was calm and safe with no fear.

"Sure enough a man in a white truck came by and asked if I wanted a ride. I said 'no thanks' and kept walking. He left, but came back a little bit later. This time he was going the opposite direction, stopped in front of me, and was a little more stern. I said, 'No.' He came again and this time he was down right mean and demanding that I get in. I could tell that he had serious ill intent. I walked on the other side of the road, determined, and he left me alone. If it was not for God's warning I am sure I would have accepted a ride from the man as I had a long way home yet to travel and I would have had no reason to say no. God saved my life that day. I never felt fear or doubt. I was blessed and protected by my heavenly hosts."


Listen to your intuition.  It is nudge from your angel or the Holy Spirit!

Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

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Rita Lovett
Rita Lovett

July 14, 2016

The most horrible event in Killeen, Texas was in a cafeteria that was around the corner from where I taught third grade! Just like you said, the Holy Spirit warned me to stay away from the cafeteria where many were slaughtered in cold blood! Also we were supposed to be on a bus in Kentucky that was hit by a drunk driver, and our lives were spared! Yes, by All means , Listen to that still small voice to lead and guide you in these perilous times! Ten thousand may die at your side but it will not come near you! Stay in the secret place where there is refuge and instruction! Plead the blood over your love ones daily and do putall your trust in the Lord to escape the snares of the devil! Fear not and let not your heart be troubled! Thanks for your help and cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you!


July 14, 2016

We just have to learn not to dispel those leadings as “silly”. We need to believe they are from a spiritual source like our angels.


March 23, 2016

I have had lots of times where my intuition and/or Guardian Angel gave me a message. I always follow it. I have been very fortunate.

Just for your information, I do pray regularly the Chaplet of St. Micheal if you are interested.



February 09, 2016

Thank you for sharing this Wendy – it is a very valuable resource! God Bless, Jane


October 23, 2015

I believe in the Holy Spirt. I would like to feel like I was when he saved me and would not let me up until I said I believed in hem. Sense then I have left the path he had for me to follow. Now we need help. God bless you and your family.

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